Is there a way to target specific reviews?

hello, I was wondering if there was a way I can select for example all the lvl 2 kanji meanings to practice, or select all lvl 3 vocab, etc. The only way I’ve been doing extra practice is through the “Recent Lessons” button, but that doesn’t cover material that I viewed a while ago.

Thank you!

You’ll need to make use of the Item Inspector script and the Self Study Quiz script (which Item Inspector works with). This allows you to make tables of items and then quiz yourself on what’s in that table. More information about using and installing scripts can be found linked in those threads.

There’s no way to do something like “only meanings” or “only readings” as far as I’m aware; reviews are always reading-meaning question pairs. Edit: as rfindley pointed out, Self Study Quiz actually has settings for which question types you get, so you can indeed quiz on only meanings or readings.


Another option, at least if you have Android, is the app Smoldering Durtles. There’s a self study feature where you can select the levels you want to study.

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If you’re okay with using scripts, then I imagine LupoMikti’s suggestion would work for you (I don’t know). But if all you want is a simple way to review ‘whatever Level’ to see if you got it or not, then you could do the following:

  1. At the top of the Dashboard, click on ‘Levels’ followed by the actual Level you want.
  2. Next, scroll down to Radicals, Kanji, or Vocabulary (whatever it is you want to review).
  3. Resize your browser window to what I have below.
  4. Then row by row just look at the kanji on the left, recall the reading and the meaning, and check your answer to the right.
  5. Press the keyboard down arrow to see the next kanji…
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Those settings are on the Questions tab in the Self-Study Quiz settings. Just uncheck whichever question types you don’t want. (And optionally set it up as a new preset)

Oh cool, that’s good to know, thanks. The default settings always worked well for me so I haven’t taken a look at the others in a long time.

It’s great for doing KaniWani style (i.e. reverse-WK): Given an English word, type the reading of the Japanese equivalent.

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Yeah, but sometimes it get’s confusing which vocab it means, for example, when I got girl, I had no clue what to use; I ended up using おんなのこ (女の子) but it wanted じょし (女子). Is there any way to fix that?

Yeah, in the early levels there are a handful of words with the same English meaning. The quiz isn’t smart enough to check for those cases, so I always just tried to mentally answer multiple answers when I realized it was one of those cases, then press “?” to see which one it wanted… or, go backward after answering (press Alt-Left) and change my answer. It’s a pain until you get past (or get used to) those levels, but I found it helpful nonetheless.

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Ok, I think I’ll do the same then, thanks for the advice :heart: I really appreciate that script because it makes it possible to practice Japanese both ways :smiley: