Marble - びーだま / ビーだま

Any clue of what could be wrong?

try it without switching it to katakana.

One of the three:

  • You pressed spacebar before pressing enter
  • Your life is a lie
  • You used the always wrong script

a new 4th:
sometimes when I have 2 instances of WK open (or if it feels like it :confused: idk) it’ll expect an answer from whatever the other window says, not from what you say.

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An unhelpful fifth:

-Make sure it’s a dash, and not a superscripted underscore or a flattened out tilde

And a possibly helpful sixth:

-I have no idea if the wanikani fonts work this way, but it might be possible that there is a “katakana dash” and a “hiragana dash”, and so if you use katakana for the first character, then switch to hiragana for the dash, it doesn’t count it as one of the two accepted readings.


This is not a bug, it’s a feature :unicorn:


Is this something that happens when you use a PC as well? Not just on an app?

None of the above :frowning: I’m actually using the iPhone’s Hiragana keyboard (see image below). It has worked out smoothly all the way till now. In this damn matrix glitch (why is life so miserable?) I’ve tried ビ and び, definitely it’s not an underscore but the いち kanji 一, just for the fun (and feeling deeply stupid) I’ve tried:


Finally, what worked out, and made me trust humanity again, was to copy paste the び一だま, and move on with my life.

Btw, thanks for you help :heart:

Is there a reason you want to use a hiragana keyboard? The site is designed to convert romaji to hiragana like a standard IME. You can use a hiragana keyboard, but I’ve always found it simpler to treat it like a standard IME.

Wait, what? That’s your problem. It’s not a kanji, it’s the sound lengthener dash. Review your katakana!

Coffee, for instance, is not コいちヒいち, it’s コーヒー with 2 long vowels.


The app is using a web view layout (a.k.a. same thing as what the browser) to render WaniKani. So it should make no difference.

However, I’ll use the Hiragana keyboard feature next time (and pray) and see if it works.

Basically because it makes me think in Hiragana and not in romaji. It also helps me with pronunciation. At the beginning it was difficult, now I’m very used to it :slight_smile:

Yeeeep, this should be the issue. Thnks a lot! and yes, my Katakana sucks :smiley:


Good ol’ pebkac errors

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Oh my god my unhelpful suggestion actually led to the answer. Good teamwork @Leebo


Butterfly effect right there hahaha thnks!

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I wouldn’t have ever tried the い in there.

I think your problem might’ve been because you didn’t write it in all hiragana or all katakana, like in the answers given in your first screenshot. Doing it half-and-half must’ve made it angry.

EDIT: Nevermind. Great work, everyone! XD


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