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Hi there,

I have only started with WK and have a few questions. I thought I fire them off separately.

How do you report errors or question things?

For example, ‘marble’ is shown as Katakana ビー玉, but when doing revision has to be entered as Hiragana びーだま. But isn’t the m-dash only used in Katakana? I always thought that in Hiragana you would lengthen the syllable with a vowel, in this case びいだま. Where am I going wrong?

Another example. I am learning the ‘stop’ kanji 止. Among the ‘vocabulary examples’ there is 立入 (Do not enter), which doesn’t contain the kanji 止. What am I missing? how you do it

BUT, I would say those aren’t errors.

The hiragana entry thing is just for convenience. It’s annoying to have to capitalize stuff just for that.

And for the second one, are you sure you weren’t looking at 立入禁止? Sometimes the items on the vocab example page get pushed off the block if they’re a few characters long and because the text is white they are then hard to see. Depends on what browser/device you’re using.

立入 is not a vocab item on WK on its own and obviously wouldn’t mean “do not enter”.

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You can enter katakana by using capital letters. As Leebo said, it accepting びーだま is purely for convenience.

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Your explanation makes a lot of sense. I guess I need to be aware that sometimes not the whole vocab item is displayed, depending on how small I resize my window.

I didn’t even know I could enter katakana using capitals :smiley:

Thank you both.

But I have seen らーめん before.

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True, that is one of the many ways you’ll see it written.

Is that a stylistic choice?

I suppose.

Here is a (possibly incomplete) list


And I’ve seen a mix of kana and kanji as well.

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