Manga reader with Furigana for a tablet?

Hi. Does anyone recommend a manga reader with furigana for an iPad, if it exists? Or any other good fun reading material?

I’m level 13, currently reading NHK news easy version. I like reading news but it’s good to mix it up.

Manga’s either have furigana or they don’t. Regardless of program you use.


Yah, I’m not aware of any manga reader that dynamically adds the text on the run - it’s printed in the image.

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Agreeing with the above, the digital manga you choose will generally either have furigana or not in the files, usually depending on the intended audience age (i.e. shoujo or shounen manga aimed at elementary or middle school students will, and manga aimed at adults generally won’t except for unusual kanji or character names the first time they are introduced).

You can usually download a free sample or check out screenshots of the first couple pages on or or wherever you buy your ebooks from to see if it has enough furigana for you.

These threads are good to check out if you’re not sure where to start:
Resources for Starting to Read Japanese Content
Master List of Book Clubs

If your grammar is more advanced and/or you want to challenge yourself, there’s also usually thread on the forums of which books and manga are currently free on bookwalker:
The BookWalker Freebies Thread

Crystal Hunters Japanese version is a manga that teaches Japanese and has furigana over all their vocabulary. Each book also has a guide under Free Stuff on their website. Their guide has a list of vocabulary and grammar used in the manga. They recently released their 6th book too. You can read all 6 books on the kindle app on your iPad.

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I wish bookwalker’s furigana would be in clearly quality. Sadly it looks a little blurry.

I would say the “blurriness” also depends on the digital manga you choose, though.

I recently purchased a set (vol 1-45) of ハイキュー!! on bookwalker and the furigana are pretty awful on most pages because the print is just so small on them. For some reason it does seem slightly more legible in the bookwalker app on my e-reader than on the bookwalker browser-based reader, but still not great by any means. I might someday check out physical copies of a few volumes and see if they are any better.

However, I also checked out a couple other series on bookwalker (via previews or the “freebies”) and most of those had more legible furigana.

Yeah all the ones I’m interested in haven’t had great furigana quality unfortunately so maybe it’s best to stick to josei/seinen only when it comes to digital form.

I got some physicals for a shoujo story and it’s so much easier to see than the digital form.