Looking for Reading Recommendations

I’ve been reading 時をかける少女 recently after seeing that it was read in the intermediate book club. I am looking for other light novels around the same level of difficulty and I’d be happy to hear if anyone have recs :smiley:

Also a question about Book Walker, which is where I purchase eBooks in Japanese: where on an item’s page do I see if the version of the eBook contains furigana or not? I bought both 時をかける少女 and 君の名は - the first has furigana and the latter doesn’t. For now I’d still like to have furigana, so I want to know if a book has it or not before I make my purchase

Can’t really help with exact recommendations but there is learnnatively 時をかける少女 | Natively - Learn through native resources
It has user gradings that determine the difficulty level by which you can browse novels.


Websites generally won’t indicate that anywhere directly. I’d recommend checking out a sample of a book before purchasing to figure out if it has furigana for all words or not.

Other than that, if you see something is つばさ文庫, it should mean it’s the full furigana version of a book (but I’d still suggest double checking via the sample). For comparison:

I don’t particularly have recommendations if you’re looking for easier books with full furigana. I suppose you could try 魔女の宅急便, which also has versions with and without full furigana. It wasn’t really my kind of book, but at the very least it was a good learning experience for me at the time.


Or, for 君の名は on Bookwaker. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you, this one is helpful!