Making Progress on the Dashboard, Take 2

Can we get back kanji/radical meaning&reading hint on mouse hover instead of (IMO) fairly useless: “You’ve finished the lesson for this one, which means it’s in your review pile and you can review it in about 3 hours. Keep doing your reviews and watch your ability crabscend.”?
I’ve been used to do a quick review on dashboard just by hovering over each item to see its meaning and reading. If the new hints are useful to other, then maybe make it switchable in profile? Thanks.

If you were doing this right before you did your actual review, that defeats the purpose of SRS, since the idea is to get them into your long-term memory, but doing a pre-review review just refreshes your short-term memory instead.


depends on how you use it. extra study can never be too bad, and a review is also just short term memory input (hopefully transitioning to longterm sometime).
In any case, the SRS will correct that at some point.
in school, you wouldn’t be scolded for looking into your textbook outside of class ^^

by the way, wasn’t the hover to see meaning/readings a userscript? maybe i misremember

Repetition increases long-term retention. Obviously, screening all your items right before the burn review so you can’t miss any is abuse of the intent, but that’s an extreme edge case. If you reviewed an item every day for 4 months, I’d say it’s safe to burn that one. (But that’s another extreme edge case, it gets fuzzy in the middle)


i just checked and i actually see the meaning&reading hint right now:

it might be different when the items are new or you just did the lesson or something.

That’s the effect of this script :wink:


right, had a hunch but forgot the name.
and i sometimes also get the longer text tomokinoyokai described.

I’m sure your advice was well meant, it was based on wrong assumption though. Anyway, I didn’t ask the question to argue about SRS, but to find out whether the additional reading&meaning information can be provided on dashboard, as it is something I was used to and now it’s gone.

Did anyone argue that it wouldn’t be good for beginners?

I think most people argued (at least I did) that it didn’t make any positive difference for general users and it just changed things around, removing the option to not see items as the default.

So just now I’m getting the new version of the Dashboard as the default (which I really don’t like, especially since none of my installed scripts are working) with no option to revert to the old Dashboard. But in Firefox on the same computer I still get the old Dashboard will all my scripts. What’s going on?

Check your scripts for updates. If they haven’t been fixed by now, they’re no longer being kept up-to-date.

Try force-refreshing.

Updating scripts didn’t help, but just quit and reopened Safari and now I’m back to the old Dashboard with scripts running. :thinking:

Are… are you in the past?


No, but I may have been briefly in the future.

I just looked at the new Dashboard preview page and ultimate timeline is working there, but didn’t work when it was briefly my default.

What do you mean by “old dashboard”?

We’re serving up the changes for everyone (and have been for a while), so I’m guessing that your scripts are showing you what you were seeing before — that they’re overriding the progress section.

I think that must be it because I’m seeing none of the new interface items. I just came back from a month long trip a few days ago so hadn’t looked at WK till yesterday. It seemed no different than when I left, so I just assumed the update hadn’t been pushed live. For some reason my scripts must have stopped running today and now are running again. I suspect sorcery.

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I agree as well. The progress is showing on the items regardless of their position, so they might as well stay in a static place.

Welcome back!

The changes made in this thread were implemented about eight months ago, so… yeah. If you want to make changes to the layout, can I suggest userscripts?


Ha ha, yeah, I realized that after I posted my comment.


I’m late to this conversation but I wanted to ask a bit more about how the kanji is sorted on the dashboard. I understand why it’s sorted by lesson location and I’m happy with the kanji order being held constant.

What I don’t get is when I guru my radicals, the greyed out kanji that were sitting at the end are now suddenly thrown into the mix and mess up the order. It’s really confusing for me. For example, I’m on level 19 and I just guru’ed my radicals this morning. And now the kanji for “decrease” has jumped the line and is between season and order, both of which are guru’ed. Clearly “decrease” came after “order” in the lessons, but why did it jump up?

I really love the new layout, so it’s just this one thing that confuses me. If I could throw my two cents in, I’d love for the greyed out kanji to remain at the back of the line after they become available, in their original spaces. The reason I say this is because it’s helpful for me to see if all the kanji are increasing as intended or if there is one I’m struggling with. But as is, now my eye flags “decrease” as out of place, even though I’m not struggling with it and just started it.

Thanks for listening and for all your hard work on this system!