Made it in just under 4 years

Been deliberately keeping it slow and steady (no more than 40 in apprentice at any one time since level 20 or so). When I started, I had just graduated university, now I have been living in Japan for almost 18 months, and have passed the JLPT N5, N3 and N2 (couldn’t take N4 due to Covid).

Will be carrying on until the “true ending”, but it’s weird not having the same number of reviews as I used to. I pretty much haven’t missed a day in 3 years.


Congrats! :tada:



Congratulations! :crabigator: :cake:

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Congrats! Just wondering, how much time per day approximately doing Wanikani did it take you?

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Grats, you made some great progress.

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Not a huge amount of time per day. I usually split it into 2 (or 3) sessions a day; maybe about 10 minutes each. Because I had online Japanese lessons for over a year and then went to language school in Japan for a year, I was getting plenty of exposure elsewhere.

How long did it take you to go from N5 to N3 do you think (or N4 studies to N3 exam)?

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N5: December 2019
Started online classes (2-3 hours per week) in June 2020
N4: December 2020 (unofficial due to Covid)
Finished online classes in July 2021
Started language school in Japan in April 2022
N3: June 2022
N2: December 2022

In my mind, the only jump in level you can’t do in 6 months (I definitely can’t) is the one between N2 to N1. Obviously most people can’t devote 5-6 hours a day studying Japanese like I did at language school, so it will differ for each person.