Lvl 6 feeling good

I attempted WaniKani years ago, and gave up because I kept confusing on/kun readings which made it impossible to do vocab. Today I leveled up to 6, and this is farther than I was before, and it doesn’t feel too hard now that I’m taking my time more and making sure to read the explanations and readings the first time. I am listening to a random weather channel on Twitch, and recognized 花火 and 平日 and obviously 天気. Sorry this is not a question, just fun to start recognizing both kanji and vocab in the wild!


I love reading Wanikani stories like this more than the ‘I finished 60 levels in a week!’ stories lol!
I guess it’s because I have been here forever too…
It’s nice that you keep trying and engaging with us through the community too (I find it motivates me a lot)
Good luck with your studies :slight_smile:
Pain is temporary; quitting lasts 4ever


Haha I tune into that twitch channel too sometimes!

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