New items?! Exciting!

Hey, so it seems a couple of new vocab items have popped up for levels 15 and 26 (at least, maybe there are more?).
Never seen new stuff spontaneously appear before. Somehow, it makes the day feel…special.

Or maybe they just got moved from a different level, I dunno.
But I’m definitely easily pleased. :slight_smile:

I was wondering why WaniKani Companion suddenly said I had 2 lessons.

But… but… I was done…


There is no end.


aha, all is explained:
WaniKani Updates June 28, 2017

I’m sad they took away 才人 since I enjoy accumulating lots of vocabulary, but maybe it’s not such a common word after all. Oh well. Excited at the new additions and level changes nonetheless.

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Why take vocab away? Can’t have too much vocab…

I know right? I’ve spent so much time getting 先年 wrong, and now my chance to burn it to atoms is cruelly taken from me…

(oh, and learning the words too. That’s the main reason. Yes…)


I feel like they try and remove “outdated” words or words that are used differently. Jisho says 才人 isn’t a very common word, for example, but doesn’t mean it’s not worth knowing. :frowning:

Plus, WaniKani teaches age as 〜才 in the beginning levels which struck me as weird at first since I only knew 〜歳, but I noticed Japanese people using 〜才 on social media. I don’t really understand what they choose to get rid of but sad at the loss of vocabulary nonetheless!

From internet:

It seems that 歳 is the "official"character for the age, even though both it and 才 are reglementary (常用漢字). However, it is too difficult for the pupils (小学生) who are supposed to learn it since it’s a very common word. Therefore, the different (but not simplified) character 才 is taught instead so that they can learn a necessary character until they see the “hard” one a few years later.

Source: words - Which is the "official" kanji for さい, 歳 or 才? - Japanese Language Stack Exchange


Oh this is interesting. Thanks! It’s definitely a lot easier/quicker to write, but I see it with far less frequency. Still useful to know both, I think.

The funny thing is that I only learned the more complicated on last week… After a year and a half of study…

My kanji knowledge is all over the place. I know kanji/vocab in level 60, but look at level 15 and go “lol what” so I suppose that’s why I’m here ha.

Haha, was literally less than two weeks away from burning everything too.


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