Love letter to the Tofugu blog

  • I’m notified of new articles on and read them often.
  • I like to read articles on but must check for new ones myself.
  • I’ve browsed before.
  • Tofugu has a website besides

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So I did something smart several weeks ago (blind hogs, acorns, and all that):

I added to my RSS feed in NetNewsWire. Now I know whenever they post a new article. The latest article on (ふところ) was a great read (though I’m slightly miffed that WK itself only teaches the (なつ)かしい vocabulary word).

Sadly, RSS never really caught on for a number of reasons, and only old techies like myself still use it. NetNewsWire only recently became useful again. So I doubt that RSS/NetNewsWire is a reasonable option for most people here.

I’m wondering if other options are possible. Two ideas:

  1. This discourse site makes it easy to subscribe to updates in threads you find interesting. It would be nice if there were a thread that was only updated whenever posted a new article. (If it exists, I’ve not found it.)

  2. I (or someone more qualified) could try to write a dashboard userscript that notified of any new articles posted to “followed” Japanese language blogs (especially Effectively a mini-RSS feed widget.




I didn’t vote, but one voter is getting notifications. I wonder what their trick is?

I think I’m the second person who voted that they get notifications, but I’m taking the liberty to answer your question as well.

My secret is that I’m old and I’m using a RSS reader :joy_cat:

Also, pro-tip: If you check the setting “show who voted” at the bottom of the list (I think you need to click the cogwheel in the lower right corner initially) you can see who voted what - and then you can ask the voters directly :wink:


Hooray! Someone else also knows how to spell RSS. :slight_smile:

I think possibly because I created the poll I need to close the poll first before I see that option. I only see the “Close” button in the lower right. When I click “Show results” in the lower left of the poll, I only see the bar graphs and not who voted.

I mean when you create the poll (sorry I forgot to mention this irrelevant bit :flushed:), you can click on the cogwheel here:


and then you get a gazillion of useful options, one of which is this one:


which (when ticked) makes the poll look like this already during voting:

But unfortunately you can only apply this to any new polls, you cannot edit existing polls.

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TIL - thanks!

I’ll leave the poll open at least until tomorrow, but it’s already apparent that Tofugu could improve their page visits substantially with some sort of notification mechanism.

There is so much terrific content there that it will take me forever to get caught up. I’d at least like to not miss the new stuff.

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Okay. 50 votes in 10 hours have answered one question and helped me to clarify another.

I think I want to try and write a Wanikani dashboard user script that does just one thing: grab the RSS feed from the website and notify you if there are any new, unacknowledged articles posted (as well as provide links to new articles). There are lots of opportunities for other potential enhancements, but I’m a big believer in simplicity and “minimally viable” initial releases.

I think I have at least a glimmer of an idea on how to create such a thing, but I think it will take substantially more effort than my only other script thus far.

So, a new poll:

If I were to create such a user script, would you install it?

  • Yes, I’d definitely like a notifier on my dashboard of new articles.
  • No, I’d rather keep up-to-date some other way.
  • I’d only use it if it had some other functionality. (Please leave a comment if so.)

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Argh. So close.

I started working on a user script for the dashboard. I decided the “minimum viable product” would be to just list the three most recent items from the Tofugu feed. I can show how old the content is, and I can use the :visited and hover pseudo-states to control the styles (here the top link hasn’t been visited yet):

Just using :visited state to track which articles you’ve seen doesn’t handle one user using multiple clients/browsers, but it’s a lot simpler to implement (I don’t have to track any state on my own).

Sadly, the script only uses static “stubbed-out” content currently. I’m not actually parsing the XML feed from the Tofugu site — as written, it will just post the same three links (and ages) forever.

The problem is cross-origin protections in the browser: I can’t access the Tofugu Atom feed from within my script, because our browsers won’t allow scripts running on pages to access the Tofugu Atom feed. This is because the website doesn’t return the necessary Access-Control-Allow-Origin header.

If I understand this correctly (a big “if”), the only solutions I’m aware of are for Tofugu to configure their server to return, e.g., Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * or to use a CORS-proxy to add the header (not something I’m willing to do).

I’ll ask in Wanikani API and Third-Party Apps, but I think this is a showstopper.

[EDIT: I’ve been in touch with the kind folks at Tofugu, and they are working with me to resolve the issue. I hope to have the user script available within a few days. Hooray!]

I wasn’t the first to vote this option either, but I’m pretty sure I receive notifications through the podcast icon on my iPhone, just through the settings on the Tofugu podcast. And I agree that it’s a great resource. Fantastic to listen to while dog walking.


Viet and the rest of the Tofugu crew are truly wonderful human beings.

With their help, I’m happy to announce the Tofugu Latest user script to display links from the Tofugu blog on your Wanikani dashboard.

@catloach @yip @mardi @Artrat @MaraVos @nataliefleming @abcfuxq @LargeBenMan and @meaniezucchini all said they’d be interested.