How often does Wanikani get new members?

Only a curiosity related topic. Has there been a lot of new members recently? I feel like there has. Where do new members usually come from or who do they hear Wanikani from?

Maybe a poll can be made on this?


I came from youtube videos recommending WaniKani to learn Kanji :slight_smile:


Well I’m pretty new so I can give you my experience :grin:

I’ve started studying Japanese a while ago and I’m always looking around for new tools to help me learn, although weirdly enough I didn’t find WK on my own. A friend of mine told me about it after someone in his Japanese class explained to him how he learnt kanjis so fast.
Maybe WK needs better exposure ? Or maybe my research was sloppy. :neutral_face:

Really ? I don’t think I ever saw someone promote WK on youtube. People often talk about Anki, Memrise or books though.


I knew about wanikani from a review of a kana learning app in playstore.


For me, it was Tofugu. The first hit on Google for “learning japanese” is their detailed guide. I liked how they thought of and provided everything I needed to know and now here I am.


I had heard about it now and then for various people over the period of a year before I decided to look it up. Should Have looked it up earlier.


Koichi lays his eggs and they are blessed by the Holy Crabigator. When they hatch, they grow up to become new WaniKani members.


I knew about Tofugu so self advertisement I guess

Hmmm… I don’t remember exactly how I found about Tofugu, I believe I was searching for something and stumbled upon some of their articles. Then one thing led to another


For me, was my dictionary of choice for looking up words I didn’t know. One day, I noticed some of the words had an associated WaniKani level. I had no idea what that was, but the link took me here. I already knew kanji was a weak point for me, and the the site proved a perfect fit for resolving that.


I came across Tofugu’s Podcast while searching for Japanese Podcasts to listen to on my commute to work. After listening to several Tofugu podcast episodes, I fell in love with Koichi and Michael’s humor. Each podcast episode has a ridiculous advertisement for WaniKani which is just as entertaining as their japanese facts and humor, so I ended up researching WaniKani and liked what I saw.


I came from Tofugu. Their guides to learning hiragana/katakana worked really well for me, so I figured I’d try their guide to Kanji as well (which is WaniKani).


I was told about WaniKani by a classmate when I was taking Japanese that it was a good way to learn Kanji a few years ago. (I started it right away but fell off not long after, and only last October seriously started up again)


There seem to be 1-3 new people saying hi in the forums or asking a question every week or two, so presumably there’s also others who join but don’t post, so whatever that works out to be, maybe.

I was diddling around on the internet looking for resources when I first started learning and I landed on WK.


I have no idea how I found WaniKani. I can’t remember that far back…


Let’s make the poll. Where did you hear first about wanikani that made you try it out?

  • Youtube
  • Reddit
  • Discord
  • Web search
  • Social Media
  • Friend recommendation

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I just googled ‘learning kanji’ and wanikani was one of the top results. After reading the faq and trying level 1, I understood how it worked and was convinced. Looking through the forums and people being civil in the 24+th topic on wanikani being slow certainly did help convince me as well.

WK is also relatively safe to recommend. It doesn’t rely on market diminishing features, like (obscene) anime graphics or other childish features, while still being graphic enough to be easily understandable. I’ve recommended it to a few business relations interested in (long term learning of) Japanese as well, who were quite enthusiastic, although I don’t know if they actually joined or not.

Apart from an introduction, I didn’t really dare say anything in the forums until level 8 or something. People might not be interested in the forums, or lack the confidence.


This is funny, because I’ve genuinely been trying to remember how I found wanikani sincr like, a few weeks after I started. I can’t remember at all.
I suspect sorcery.


I was chosen by Crabigator

actually I found a blog post by a former wanikani member


I think this was the same situation for me as well.


Duolingo forums. Duolingo has its fair share of flaws, and kanji weakness is one of them. Someone recommended a bunch of sites and apps, and I tried a few of them, but Wanikani’s use of mnemonics made it the only one I stuck with. Never would’ve found it without that forum recommendation, even though I think I’ve been to Tofugu before.

This is only my second forum post because like 90% of WK forum threads go soaring over my head.