Do you love Tofugu podcasts & articles as much as me?

Do YOU love Tofugu podcasts & articles as much as me?
I’m posting this because I need a place to express my love for Tofugu.
Maybe you do too! If so, you can do that here.
Let’s celebrate them together.
Tell us your favorites!

Why I :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Tofugu Podcasts & Articles
Nearly every time I search for some Japanese learning topic on Google, e.g., Japanese grammar or a kanji definition, or a cultural concept, or… whatever… a Tofugu blog article is either the top hit or among the top few hits I see. And their articles are generally the most useful, friendly and fun answer to whatever question I have. In short, Tofugu ROCKS.

Comparison of Counter Words Articles
Here’s an example from a search I was doing today. I’ve been learning about counter words. So I was curious… how many of these counter words am I going to have to learn? So I did a search for Japanese counter words and I found these as the top 3 resources.


After looking at this I felt (not gonna lie) mostly scared and overwhelmed. Fascinated but also… no.


Tofugu did an ingenious thing and grouped these into tiers. Like here’s the only 2 you need to know, here’s a handful more if you want to be more than a bumbling idiot, a bunch more if you want to sound halfway intelligent, etc… And since my bar is currently low (I’m newish to Japanese) but will likely evolve as I get better, this list is just WAY more useful to me. It’s like a friend for life.

Nihongo Master

Aside from the ugly formatting (which is a huge turn-off for me) Nihongo Master basically just presents you with a long list of counters with explanations. So you have to read through a bunch of non-grouped stuff, and how are you going to remember it all? AND you have to scroll past a brief visit to the fish docks to do it.

I think all I’ll remember from this article is the smell of fish.

There are a few great Japanese resources out there, but Tofugu is consistently the best.
And they have an amazingly fun and hilarious podcast too.
What are some of your favorite Tofugu podticles?
Let’s show them some love!

(oh wait… I’m still thinking about fish)



Just wanted to take this opportunity to say as well how much I love Tofugu and how much their articles and blog posts were really, really important to my learning about Japanese!

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