Download WaniKani vocab List

Hi everyone,

I am pretty new to Japanese and despite Wanikani, I am building my own Anki deck. - I know that there are many prebuild decks out there, but with some context, I can simply remember everything better.
Instead of typing all the words I have learned in Wanikani, I’d like to have a table with the columns
Expression-- Reading-- English translation.
Is there a way to download a list like this for each level? Mnemonics should not be included of course.

Thanks for your help


You can take a look at the source code (right clik/view source code), you’ll have to do some cleaning but it’s all there, and if you know some coding it shouldn’t be hard.

Many thanks to @dennmart who already made a tool for this :smile:

yes! i need to do more than WK! XD

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