Looking through the Kanji for intermediate JPN when

Thanks to WaniKani I already know 85% of these. This will make class much easier as I will only need to focus on the grammar as well as stroke order for writing the Kanji. I also know a lot of the grammar as well. Thanks WaniKani :sunglasses::ok_hand:


I don’t know, that first row looks a bit daunting.

What with all the 一s and 二s… :fearful:


Lessons 1-12 were all beginner JPN last year, the stuff I circled is this semester and the next. Even still it’s not really a lot of Kanji for ~32 weeks of class


You’re lucky that your class seems to put some focus on kanji learning. Mine doesn’t, which is why I use WK.

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Not really, for the most part.

We also put focus on kanji learning, but it was like 10 kanji a week, something easily eclipsable by using WaniKani for a few months. Then I could focus on grammar and everything else, while ignoring kanji, time which we could’ve used for something else. (And I did, for the most part.)

The school I went to is changing things a bit, and doing something similar to the WaniKani approach, which is cramming a bunch of kanji and sorting it out via recognition.


My class also has no focus on kanji (though questions are welcomed). The class is conversation focussed.

Everything is written in full kanji though, except for the beginner (<N5) classes, who still get to use romaji. And furigana for the N5 level classes. Higher classes get furigana only when requested. Highest level (which has >N3 students in it) only get furigana when a student can’t read a kanji written on the board. Any unknown/new/should-have-known-but-didn’t word that comes up gets added to a wordlist for that class’s notes that the teacher writes on the big screen, live, to be downloaded at home. So we do get a lot of kanji exposure, though some seem to ignore them for the most part.

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