The very first lesson!

Hi there,

Just started my very first lesson on Kanjis.
Already tried Hiraganas and Katakanas from Tofugu’s website which was actually a good fun!

Ah, and I am a great fan of Anime, Watching Black Clover right now while trying to read any written things on it as watching! :slightly_smiling_face:




Hi! Paging @Joeni for his usual welcome message.

Since you’ve already stumbled upon the forums, I recommend reading around and getting some better understanding of how the Wanikani SRS system works so you don’t end up burning yourself out like lots of people do. (Plus you have loads of time in the first few levels with such few items in your SRS queue)

The gist is that you can manage your own workload which you can dictate by how many lessons you do per day (and keeping apprentice and guru level items at a certain level).

You definitely want to be looking at studying grammar alongside the kanji (there is no need to wait!) too



Thanks @pembo

\textcolor{pink}{\huge \textsf{WELCOME! ^-^}}

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Take the time to check out the FAQ and GUIDE if you haven’t already.

There’s also a lot of good stuff on the forum to help you, like:

The Ultimate Guide for WK
The Ultimate Additional Japanese Resource List
The New and Improved List of API and Third-Party Apps

I hope your Japanese learning journey goes well and that you enjoy your time with us on the forums.


Welcome aboard the ship. Now, you ain’tcha leavin’ bud
(Jk welcome )


It’s a long journey, but it pays off!
Being able to read and understand a language many consider almost impossible to learn is amazing.



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