VLJ Visual Learning Japanese Kanji

Someone else using Visual Learning Japanese, please tell me kanji come in SOMEWHERE. I’m going bonkers over the illegibility of dialogues solely in hiragana. I’m on Unit 4 of the beginner course.

I’m doing the advanced course now but I’ve just skimmed the PDFs for the beginner course and can’t find any kanji use at all really. The first usage I managed to find was in the second unit of the intermediate course (Unit 7) From then on it seems to use kanji with furigana. If I remember correctly furigana starts getting phased out on the easier kanji from the start of the advanced course.
Hope that helps. And best of look going forward with the course. It might not be the most interesting study material out there but I am a big fan of VLJ’s approach to grammar and so on.

Thank you so much!! I’ll tough it out until then. I just find my energy draining quickly since it’s such a pain to read without kanji lol. I feel like I’d be able to do it a lot easier with the kanji. I like the approach as well. I appreciate how visual it is and it seems to have a quasi-linguistics aspect.

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