Looking for Youtube recommendations for learning Japanese

So, I’ve been biking a lot lately, and I’ve been trying to use some of that time to improve my Japanese. I’m intending to take JLPT N1 next December, so I’ve been wanting higher-level grammar and listening practice videos, as well as just generally easy-listening Japanese practice. For the past few months, I’ve been listening to a lot of Japanese Ammo With Misa, Sarah Moon, Cure Dolly, Dogen, and of course, 日本語の森.

I also wanna improve my understanding of keigo, so I’ve been listening to random videos about that.

So, what are your favourite (exclusively via) Youtube videos/channels on Japanese?


Miku Real Japanese is another I’ve watched some of:

This one is going to be fairly obscure, but it’s a guy I follow on HelloTalk and he does a variety of short-to-medium grammar videos, live Q&As and even some gameplay livestreams such as him playing Trials of Mana in Japanese where he also only speaks in Japanese for listening practice.

He’s not as polished as some of the others like Misa, Miku, etc., but I chat with him a lot on HelloTalk and I think his videos are interesting enough to watch as supplements to other resources. Plus it’s nice when he does the live chats where he will answer a whole variety of Japanese language, culture, etc. questions. So it’s kind of a shameless plug, I guess in hopes he might be able to break out a bit in the crowded Japanese people teaching Japanese on Youtube crowd. :sweat_smile:


Currently one of my most watched channels. I think he does a good job of explaining various things and was probably my gateway into learning Japanese in Japanese / transitioning to mono-lingual studying. He has a bit of N1 material on his channel.


Not education focused but very engaging, I like FermiLab


Sarah Moon! I feel like I never see her channel mentioned anywhere. I do enjoy her perspectives on translation.


I like Onomappu because of his clear pronunciation. I haven’t watched a lot of the content yet, but the videos seem to be about all kinds of topics Japan and Japanese.


Your favorite Japanese YouTube channels?


I highly recommend Cure Dolly. She explains things about Japanese grammar in a way that makes them make a lot of sense. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkdmU8hGK4Fg3LghTVtKltQ


I think she still has to find her audience and focus, but I love her channel. The most educational videos are in my opinion the anime epsiode “walkthrougs”, but the rest is interesting too.

But I think the Katakana channel name is very cringey…

Some of my favorites have already been mentioned such as Sambonjuku, so here are some that are pretty good to just play in the background.

The Forsythe family has some interesting videos and it’s mostly talking heads so you can just listen to the audio. The dad is Australian and the mum is Japanese and they grew up in Hiroshima. So it’s mostly in Hiroshima-Ben.

The title pretty much covers it and it’s mostly centered around seafood. It can be a bit gross if you’re turned off by fish preparation and the like but I’ve found it interesting.


Seafood preparation seriously is nightmare fuel :open_mouth:

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