Japanese Ammo with Misa

Has anyone else on here heard about this Youtube channel? I think everyone learning Japanese should at least check it out. For me, the “は” vs “が” guide was particularly useful.


Agreed. :+1:


Definitely worth checking Japanese Ammo with Misa out if you’re interested in conversational Japanese and especially grammar (I found her linked on Bunpro).

Her “who/what am I?” guessing game videos are good fun and her grammar deep dives have been really valuable. It’s very good how she covers formal and informal and super casual registers of Japanese as she goes. That kind of knowledge has helped my confidence with spoken Japanese a lot.


+1. One of my favorite video series for Japanese learning on YT.


I looooove Misa sensei! Her videos are awesome for listening practice and she says everything multiple times in multiple ways to drill it in.

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