Looking for my first Story to read!

Hey guys! Just subscribed today and really ready to start taking this seriously. Just wanted to know what the first book/passages you’ve read in Japanese. (Was wondering if this is the right topic I should be posting this in?)

I enjoy reading anything. So I’m all ears. P.S any good apps for reading news and stuff in Japanese. Thanks and see you around!

I highly recommend the app TangoRisto, you can read from sites like NHK Easy News and it has a built-in dictionary and breaks down things by JLPT grammar points, and you can also toggle furigana ^^

Definitely a great place to start!


There is also a free web magazine in simple japanese on watanoc.com. It also has the sentences in audio. I don’t know if it has an app.


I’m a beginner so I haven’t tried most these but I have them saved for when I get to reading, so feel free to check them out and see if they work for you!

Reajer - Bilingual texts.
NHKeasier - Easy news (but I do prefer TangoRisto bc I’m mostly on mobile.)
Satori Reader - Simple stories + audio! Mostly pay to use. Some stories are free.
Hirogaru - News for kids. Various themes.
Life.ou.edu - Traditional Japanese stories.
And Watanoc as previously recommended :slight_smile:

Japanese Graded Readers vol.0 - Recommended for newcomers (around N5).
Japanese Graded Readers vol.1 - For N5-N4 readers.
Stories yYou Can Read Smoothly vol.1 - Not sure about the level but look interesting!

PIBO iOS / Android - Read digitalized children books. Free 3/day or pay for more.

Good luck!

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