Good books/stories for a beginner like me?

After seven months of WK, five of Bunpro and a month of one-on-one studies with a teacher, I feel like I’m ready to start reading. I’ve tried several stories on, but nothing really worked out for me and I’m wondering how to start. Any recommendations?

I’ve been considering graded readers, but haven’t found actual examples for them. If you have any - please send them over!


I’ll give you four ones I like. For folk stories, 「おむすびころりん」(Rolling Musubi)and 「象のトンキー」(Tonky the Elephant) are both really fun and easy to read. Tonky the Elephant is a tearjerker though, it’s about the animals in Ueno Zoo that died during WW2. Fun stuff and surprisingly suitable for a beginner. For manga to start with, Dragon Ball and Slam Dunk are good ones. Others would say Yotsuba, which is one of the definitive ones for Japanese learners, but I don’t imagine it’s very interesting for men. Good luck reading!

EDIT: Forgot about Doraemon. For manga territory, this is one of the best to start with. Very accessible.



But yeah, if you want information on graded readers (which is definitely where I’d start), see the ‘club’ linked by tip above.


You’re right! Sorry for being lazy, I’m abroad and felt like a new thread would be easier. Thanks for the link’

That’s okay! Just thought it might be useful to look through.

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