Shodo fonts for Anki

I have a plan where I’d like to use Anki to practice writing kanji and also to learn Shodo. This means that besides getting the stroke order right, I’d also like to use the proper brush strokes and imitate some sort of respectable style. I’m aware of a popular stroke order font, but it doesn’t seem to be in a Shodo style.

Is there a font that meets these requirements? Or perhaps there are some recommended Shodo fonts that don’t have stroke order? I could use both the stroke order font and a Shodo font on the cards.


Maybe you’d like the Epson fonts on this page? Japanese Unicode Fonts

I think they look pretty good. The 教科書 and 正楷書 fonts particularly, if you’re looking for something ‘standard’.

I have some Japanese fonts on my computer, but very seriously, I have no idea how or when they got added to my font library. It seems they’re default fonts, and I don’t think they can be downloaded for free online.


楷書 seems like it’s the standard 書道 style, so that’s probably a good choice.

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