Best SRS for Genki Vocab?

So as of next week I am going to start to properly work my way through Genki I & II but I want to learn the vocab for the lesson in advanced (Aiming to do between 1-3 chapters a week) What SRS do people recommend for the genki vocab? I’m aware there are pre-made anki decks out there but I really dont like anki’s interface :confused: and the anki settings confuse the hell out of me :sweat_smile:

1 Like has a deck of all the vocab for Genki I & II + audio .

If you’re a member here’s the direct link:


I used for that.

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I used Memrise for Genki vocab. It’s free and it made it easy to get an initial “glance” at the words without feeling like you have to eternally SRS them, since it’s basic vocab that you’ll eventually remember through reading.

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I had a look on that site before and was a bit confused by it, but i’ll take another stab at it. Thanks.

Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll check them out and hopefully I get along with one of them!

I use KameSame since I already use it for WaniKani items (guru+ production reviews) daily. I keep track of what Genki vocabulary is included in WK and add the missing ones to KameSame (both production and recognition).

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You can do that? I’m using KameSame to do production of my vocab already and really like the site so far, if I can do it on there that would be suuuper useful!

Unfortunately it is not a KameSame feature as far as I know. I do it myself, keeping all the Genki vocabulary in a doc file and marking vocabulary with different colors. Also, some phrases can not be found in KameSame search so I tend to grab the words out of them and assign them separately to WK/KS category).

Btw. you add the items in KameSame via search → learn vocabulary

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I see, thanks!

I’ve checked out memrise and found the genki stuff and think it works really well, however I’ve noticed there’s a subscription for memrise? I’m assuming since you said it’s free I don’t need to subscription to use the genki vocab??

The subscription is optional and just provides access to some other Memrise features. The Genki decks on there can be studied for free.

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Perfect! I really like it so far thank you for the recommendation!

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It certainly is confusing and takes time getting used to it. They’ve undergone another redesign and added some functionality. What I like is the customization on what you want to be tested on and the method of delivery for those test questions.

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