Looking for a Japanese texts database

I had an idea to create a small tool that would provide the user small texts that only contain kanji they know.

First of all, if this kind of tool already exist, I would be happy to see it, but since I am practicing programming, I would like to try to develop something like this anyway.

I am trying to find texts that I would be able to use in my program. They need to be short and numerous. They should have varied subjects and some of them need to be really easy in order to provide texts even if the user only knows a few kanjis.

If you have ideas about where I can find this, that would be super useful for me. Thanks!

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There’s a book series that does exactly that:

The first volume is downloadable for free, so you can try it out and see if you like it.
The kanji ordering is not exactly according to WaniKani, but in the grand scheme of things I think it doesn’t matter too much if you can go a little faster or need a little longer until you learned that kanji in WK. (Or maybe you even pick up a few kanji as you go?)


By texts do you mean example sentences or stories?

Tangorin gives example sentences that contain the kanji you specify:
Tangorin.com: Japanese Dictionary

This is based on Tatoeba.

There’s duendecat! An unsecured site, so as long as anything you build is secure, you’re already ahead. And old enough that it only has Wanikani levels up to 50.

From the about page:

An online tool for practicing Japanese grammar that finds short sentences in Japanese, matches them to a Wanikani kanji set (numbered 1 to 50) and then loops them randomly.

Thank you for this link, it won’t help me for my project but it is the kind of thing I was looking for in order to improve my reading skiils :slight_smile:

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Tatoeba provides big lists of example sentences, that is what I am looking for, even if I would also like to have stories. Thanks fo the link, it helps me a lot!

Thank you for the link, this is pretty interesting. I probably can find some inspiration in that one.

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