Looking for a tool for measuring kanji comprehension

Hiya folks,

I’ve been using jpdb for a few months, and it is a godsend as far as efficiently targeting vocab for specific media. Favorite flash card program out there (even with it’s sometimes iffy example sentences)

It’s got some great statistical tools for showing percentages of known words, percentage of total readable words, etc for any given book, show, game, or otherwise.

The only problem is, while it has a good integration with wanikani, as far as known words, it doesn’t have a similar feature for known wanikani kanji(it does have its own kanji SRS that’s basically the same as wanikani, but it’s nowhere near as streamlined and polished, so wanikani is the way to go to all except those who permanently have 0 dollars).

So while I can track unknown vocab (which is super easy to learn), I can’t track unknown kanji(which takes a little more effort to learn). I would love to be able to learn that kanji in advance of reading a given work, or at least have a good gauge of how difficult the work will be, kanji-wise.

Are there any tools out there that accomplish that? Wanikani-integrated or otherwise?


For the manga side of things, this is what I just started implementing on my site, Manga Kotoba.

I haven’t yet implemented tracking one’s kanji progress, but the plan is to track:

Kanji stats for manga series and individual volumes.


Percent of known kanji in a series/volume (based on overall appearances). [Not yet developed.]

Frequency list of kanji by appearance.

Frequency list of kanji by appearance of reading.

But the site it still fairly new and I started work on the kanji portion just a few days ago, so there’s a lot still in development and under construction before being able track known kanji meanings and readings and view stats based on one’s progress.

(No built-in SRS.)