Long Japanese Sentences

I love long, convoluted sentences in Japanese. Maybe part of the language lends itself to an endless onslaught of clauses and sub-clauses, but sometimes I run into a sentence that is so long and just think “damn I love it”. Do any of you have a sentence that you’ve read recently and thought “damn that’s long”. No context necessary. Here’s one I found:


Wow! :smile:


Yikes, I think I’ll put off learning garmmar and sentence structure even further now :sweat_smile:

I also like long Japanese sentences, but they’re so overwhelming. It’s sort of annoying to reach the end of the phrase and forget what the whole thing is about. But it’s pretty cool either way. I’ve been reading Murakami Haruki’s “Sputnik Sweetheart” and it have a lot of long, descriptive passages that make it hard to follow.

Not a sentence, but something cool I’ve encountered recently is this extremely long construction: 高速リア充追尾式撲殺釘バット, from this song:

高速 high speed
リア充 person who is satisfied with his or her real (offline) life a.k.a. “normies”
追尾 following, pursuing, tracking
~式 (suffix) type, style
撲殺 beat to death
釘 nail (i.e. small metal spike)
バット bat (baseball etc.)

All together, it seems to describe a baseball bat full of nails that tracks normies and beats them to death. Not sure what kind of propulsion system that would use, but a fan made a drawing of it, which I think is really cool.

Not to nitpick, but are you sure about this part? It makes no sense to me :sweat_smile: I feel like ついて could work, though.


Sorry, typo :slight_smile:

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