Locked section within Reading Category?

I’m hesitant to move threads to this section from Campfire because this section will be publicly indexed. Can there be a locked section within Reading?

Why not just check with your group and see if they care? There’s a lot of benefit to having these book threads indexed, such as increased exposure.

I’m hesitant because some of the users may have posted under the assumption that the thread wouldn’t be indexed, so I don’t want to suddenly make it public without fair warning.

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I mean, you can’t please everyone. If you put up a poll and 90% of people say to move them, but a few people complain, should that really stop you from moving them?

If even one person posted something that they don’t want visible to everyone, shouldn’t that be a good reason to not move it? Anyway, maybe it might be worth it to create a new equivalent thread in the reading section, and link the old one…


If people are warned that the thread is going to be moved in [x] days, they would have time to delete any posts they don’t want made public in advance of that happening.

It would be a shame for a thread to remain hidden for the sake of just one person (and having them all together makes searching so much easier), but I agree that someone who posted with the understanding that it wouldn’t be made public ought to have the right to veto the move altogether.

Giving time for people to delete things seems like it would strike a good balance between the two, and as I doubt many people would actually be bothered you’d be unlikely to significantly ‘ruin’ the thread with this approach.


I’m happy with the move in [x] days approach. It’s much more respectful to the thread contributors and strikes a better balance than having the reading threads on lockdown.


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