Campfire subcategories?

Seeing that Campfire is the category with the most new threads, maybe it needs some subcategories to ease navigation?

Some suggestions:

  • Forum games
  • Japanese culture
  • Personal life
  • Adult content
  • Travel, maybe

What are some other opinions on this? Is Campfire not suited to have subcategories? Do you have better ideas for subcategories?


In my opinion: Oh please no!
I find it harder to navigate the forum than easier with all the subcategories. No more, please!

(Although, that said, back when we had a ton of games going at once on the old forums, a separate section for games only could’ve been useful. None really seem all that active anymore, they’re not taking up that whole first page or anything… but “Games” or “Forum Games” as one on it’s own wouldn’t be the worst thing to happen.)

You can ignore subcategiries by just clicking up here

There you’ll see all posts in “WaniKani”, including all subcategories, so I don’t see how they make it harder to navigate

But, you see, if they add too many sub categories, people will be confused and may just ignore them.

I know, I’ve done that sometimes, and sometimes I don’t. But I still end up with a whole bunch of unread threads and so on, and don’t even know where to begin.
Yes, there’s also the “New” and “Unread” links, which I’ve only just started using - those took me over a month of being on the forums practically constantly to even notice, though!

Anyway… there are a lot of things about the old forums I miss… And sometimes I’ve felt that these newer ones are over-organized.

It’s okay to disagree. I’m likely in the minority, although I do believe I’m not the only one that feels this way about too many categories. It’s come up in conversation before.

EDIT: Thanks, @magiconic.

No, please.

I am in favour


Hmm… I don’t use the categories much. I just read everything. But I do love organization…


I similarly won’t use the subcategories much, but I would like them to be there nonetheless. xD

i like chaos. I’m with AnimeCanuck on this one. Maybe a game subcategory would be ok…maybe.

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Just as reference for @Heiopei and anyone else who would like subcategories in Campfire, I just wanted to back up what I said earlier by pointing out rfindley’s post here:

As well as this entire thread: Add a WaniKani forum subcategory for general discussion

So Rincewind, abertssquirrel, and I are not alone… there has been some discussion pertaining to this before.

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I never even clicked campfire but somehow just have ended there sometimes. Anyway i usually just flee as fast as possible if i see subcategories, unless i really need to find something.

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