Listening trick I just found out (maybe im an idiot)

Just wanted to pass this along and maybe everyone else already knows this but:

In YouTube under settings you can choose playback speed and it pitch corrects. So basically you can find some japanese content and choose 75% playback speed and it sounds normal just at 75% of the speed. This has made a huge difference in the types of content I can watch and have some level of understanding.

Again sorry if this is super old news to everyone. It made me really happy.


Also you can make videos slower on VLC if you press the minus key (or faster with the plus key).

Not an idiot. Always useful to share tips. Even though I knew about slowing down videos I’d never thought to use it for language study :slight_smile:


Definitely a helpful tip! I honestly forgot you could adjust speed on YouTube, so hadn’t thought to use it for Japanese listening practice. Thanks!

I’ve never tought of slowing down the velocity of videos for listening practice, thank your for sharing. I will apply this trick as soon as I can.

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