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This is a pretty weird question, but are there resources to just listen to a native speaker speak numbers? I know numbers well enough to where I can count at a normal speed. However, every time I hear them when I’m active listening I feel like I’m trying to process a whole tsunami of information (more so anything over 10), so it’d be nice to be able to get numbers down a lot better. I’m also not the best at hearing the other forms like (一つ 二つ 二人 etc). If there are any sources people know of for this that’d be great, although, I’m not really expecting much here since this is kind of a special request.

Thank you.


Someone shared a link to this useful resource to have a text to speech bot read numbers for you the other day. It doesn’t do counters, and it’s not exactly a real person, but it’s quite useful!


That certainly seems helpful, but I’m not entirely sure that would be the best for me just because I think listening to a native speaker would be much more beneficial. Once again this is a pretty unique request, I wasn’t even expecting that resource, so thank you!

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This page has audio for the counters:

It won’t do every single iteration but it covers all the major iterations.

This also has audio to go with the example sentences using the counters:


Maybe something like this? :slight_smile: She also has a video with prices up to ¥999 and ¥9999. Intimidating numbers :sweat_smile:


I’m looking for something with organic listening practice for numbers too. Dates as well. Those are things my brain tends to hitch up on. If I come across anything I’ll let you know.

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