Number Listening Comprehension

Hello, I have had a search but i can’t really find what I need so I thought I would ask here.

My auditory comprehension of numbers is terrible. I am searching for a video which just lists random numbers in Japanese for me to then practise writing down and being able to check if I am right. Ideally it would have a mix of 3 digit numbers to then advance to 4 and 5 digit and beyond. I am wanting it at native speed or near native speed if possible.

I have thought about making my own but I would prefer genuine Japanese pronunciation, so I am not learning any mistakes.

Do any of you know anything out there which might help with this please?


Year listening is quite a problem.

How exactly do you do vocal shadowing? Is it possible to create your own materials? Native material shadowing may be more natural.

Robotic voice for randomized number may be possible. Anki with AwesomeTTS can synthesize a vocal for a number, though I don’t know how to randomize a number… just pre-input numbers is probably OK, or maybe some JavaScript

Use “Kyoko” voice, and type in a number.

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Thank you, I’ll have a look at these. I haven’t used anki before so that may be a bit of a learning curve but sounds like a good idea.

I’ll check out gou ninja on my laptop when I am home, thanks!

Yeah, don’t particularily want to shadow myself, just a whole lot of weird there-hence wanting to find native materials. I use shadowing books etc but need way more focus on numbers until my brain can catch them better. Gradually trying to fill gaps in my learning :slight_smile:

That doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence.

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@plantron This actually works really well, thanks!

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Gou Ninja was created by @hunterbridges

He deserves the credit, not me :o)

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Well thanks @hunterbridges then, it’s really helping. I totally suck at the four digit+ but it will definitely help. showed my tutor as well as I am sure this will be a massive help to others.

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You owe me a beer.


A new game!

Game length of 1 minute is very interesting. I just did only 4 in one minute. I guess I am too slow.

This is awesome!

Thank you @plantron for linking it and thank you @hunterbridges for making it =).

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Oh thanks everybody… Just noticed my WK community notifs being lit up from this thread :slight_smile:

I made it during the beginner level of my studies and really ought to update that sentence… lol! How about


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I think 聞き取り sounds more conversational and less like the title of an exam section.

sgtm :+1: I hope now to inspire confidence

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