Website for practicing numbers listening comprehension

I have trouble understanding numbers, sometimes I need a moment or two to process what I’ve heard. I’ve searched for an app that could help me practice it but every one had some critical flaw. So I created my own solution and now I’m sharing it with the WK community.
It relies on Web Speech API. Available languages depends on your system and installed languages.

Bug reports, feature requests, feedback of any form are very much welcomed.


It’s only in English…

Perhaps being able to change the number of numbers for each quiz? :slight_smile:

Btw, Microsoft Haruka is where it’s at.

It relies on Web Speech API. Available languages depends on your system and installed languages.

You get options like these when you click “Voice”.

I don’t have German installed, but I have Spanish, English, and Japanese, and all of those appear as well. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for making this! But I think the “numbers up to” isn’t working - I get numbers from 0-99 regardless of which option is selected.

It relies on Web Speech API. Available languages depends on your system and installed languages.

The way you install more languages really depends on your setup/device/OS so I’m not able to advise.

Yes, thank you. Selecting range was broken. Fixed now!

Seems very useful, thanks for sharing. Even in native language, I struggle with numbers. Would be nice to have higher numbers ( when I need a headache ).

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Thanks! It would probably make sense to practice rounded big numbers like 345000 or 1200000 and not 345678 or 1245642 (impossible to memorize, isn’t it?).


Thank you very much for this. I’ve relied on merely making numbers up and trying to speak them as I go down a list, but that doesn’t really reinforce the listening aspect of it, which is the hardest. It also takes me a considerable amount of time to process them, even if I do understand the words.

Thank you, i’m going to use this!

FYI: Doesn’t seem to work on iOS - i Can’t find ‘Japanese’.

Finally managed to make it work on my phone.
Had to change Text to Speech from Samsung to Google. (Even though Samsung’s TTS is better, imo.)

Never mind, it seems to be working fine with Samsung’s.

Still, would be nice if we could get more than 5 numbers each time.

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I’m using Safari on MacOS and was confused about where to set the voice language to Japanese. Turns I just needed to select the voice “Kyoko” to get Japanese readings. I don’t remember having installed anything in the past to get the Japanese voice - it just worked for me.

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@Kazzeon you can adjust number of numbers now
@kezako bigger numbers are available
and some minor improvements


No one asked, but just to throw it out there, you can also get a lot of number practice in by listening to the weather and stock market segments of news broadcasts.


Nice app, I like it!

Wondering if there could also be a feature where it generates the number, you (try to) say it yourself, and see if you got it right by playing the audio? Not asking for an actual pronunciation check by the app, just self checking? (maybe with a timer option that autoplays the audio?)

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Oh, that’s a nice idea, thanks. I will think about it…

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Sounds like fun.

/not sarcasm


double sarcasm?

Amazing! Keep up the good work and thanks!

No, I like finance and economics for the most part.

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