Listening reviews?

Hi all, I joined a couple months ago and I love the site so far. I’ve learned a lot! I’m a software developer who travels to Japan often. So my brain is now in overdrive thinking of what I would love to see on this site… and this one idea really stands out to me.

Basically I feel like my listening skills are VERY weak, even after learning vocabulary here. So I was thinking of something that would be really helpful for me and probably others.

Why not have something like a “listening review”? WaniKani already has all the audio data associated with the vocabulary. There could easily be a kind of review where you listen to the audio, and have to type the English translation. That would teach listening skills in much the same way WaniKani currently teaches reading/writing skills. Thoughts?



Check out the self study script:



Oooooh! Thank you! I’ll check this out tonight!!! :heart:

1 Like is built for listening.


I am here for nearly a year and didnt know this thanks for destroying my remaining life with this… it will consume all of my time


I should probably focus more on listening, but I do a little of it by doing this Anki deck. I think it’s pretty cool as there are cards which also show you a written out sentence, so you’re practicing reading of entire sentences at the same time! It also has 10 levels, each harder than the last. The only downside is that I think the author gave up at some point as the lv10 deck says it’s for lower intermediates. So no upper intermediate/advanced stuff. But you probably don’t need that yet, so it’s fine!

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Just wanted to note that WaniKani is a resource specifically designed to teach Kanji. The vocabulary is a plus and taught with the goal of practicing lectures. So while there are solutions made by users like the before-mentioned user-script, I wouldn’t expect such feature to be integrated in WK natively.

I’d really like to take a look into the current state of EtoEto, though.

Is this a suscription-based website? The description on the landing page is very general

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No. It’s free.

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