🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Winter 2023 ❄ 🧤

Today I watched an episode of Season 2 of The Way of the House Husband. I was trying to watch it with Japanese Subs but I didnt understand much without checking the english subtitles. Still, I managed to understand some bits, and thats better than nothing!

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It’s quite fun, but definitely better as a casual thing for reviewing vocab rather than trying to use it to learn anything new.
There are some fun mini games, like having to serve customers the items they ask for in a shop, and a treasure hunting game where you need to follow directions and that sort of thing.

The main issue for me has been that its pretty buggy - I’ve had a lot of instances of random buttons on my controller stopping working, and interact-able objects failing to respond, and moving around and grabbing items can feel a bit janky. The grabbing in particular can get pretty frustrating when you are in a timed minigame and you are struggling to grab an item you need!

So overall, I’d say its worth at least trying out the demo on Steam since its free - but unless you are really keen to play it its probably worth waiting for them to patch some of the bugs first!