🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

May 31st!

I watched the first episode of Shadows House today, with no subs. There was a lot of stuff I didn’t really understand, but knowing the story from reading the manga made that manageable. I think I’m going to carry on watching this series with no subs since hopefully knowing the story will stop it from becoming as frustrating to try to watch.

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End of the Challenge!?
How did that happen so fast?
I managed to listen every day during this challenge - and I reached my goal of doing more listening than I did during the winter challenge. There were still a few days where I only managed to squeeze in an episode of Nihongo con Teppei, but far less than in January and February.

A few highlights from this challenge -

  • I watched Ponyo with only Japanese Subtitles without looking anything up, or checking english subs and still managed to get the gist of the story even though I didn’t understand everything.
  • I took lots of lessons and attended 2 Language Exchange meetups, so I got lots of conversation practise.

As always, thanks to everyone who participated for your support and recommendations and companionship, and of course big thanks to @omk3 for organizing.
I’m still planning to listen every say throughout June - but I’m going to take a break from doing daily posts. I’ll still be hanging around in the thread though, and enjoying the posts from anybody who is planning to keep posting in June!

See you all again for the Summer Challenge!