🔊 🎙 Listen Every Day Challenge - Spring 2023 🌼 🌱

Home Post :hatching_chick:

15 days in and I’m really starting to see some progress. I’ve gotten used to faster talking speeds and don’t need to slow my videos down anymore. Of course it’s probably still nowhere near natural japanese because I only listen to stuff aimed at non-native speakers but I’m very happy that my listening skills seem to be improving!

Today I watched “10 Tips for Living in Japan” by Akane. I’m not planning on living in Japan but it was very interesting and a lot of the tips are relevant for travel purposes as well. I felt very good about my understanding because I could catch the main points she made most of the time. However, I did struggle with some of the tips that included lots of unknown vocabulary, e.g. the tips about being on time, mold and safety. The mold topic was especially difficult because I didn’t know the word カビ and did not understand what was going on at all. :sweat_smile:

Next I wanted to watch something easier and chose “No. 1 in Japan vs. No. 1 in the world” and “Autumn in Japan” by Comprehensible Japanese.