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:fallen_leaf: Day 33, 2nd of November :maple_leaf:

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This episode of Comprehensible Japanese was about fruits and colors.

Feeling very little motivation right now, the shorter days are beginning to take their toll.


November 2nd.

Today I listened to an episode of Nihongo con Teppei for beginners, and also the first lesson in a JapanesePod101 series called Top 400 Activities: Daily Routines in Japanese. Its another vocab building series so I’m going to use it for when I want to do some listening practise but can’t give it my full attention.

I also watched an episode of Madoka Magica, with Japanese subs.

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Life leading up to vacation got hectic but I’ve managed to listen everyday.
Set myself up for extended listening practice on vacation. Hasn’t happened yet :slightly_frowning_face: Visiting with the parents I suppose I should have expected all the chatting to supersede listening practice. Still, got nearly all parts of the challenge completed thanks to Nihongo con Teppei. Just missed the posting here part. Whoops


Watched the first episode of 俺の可愛いはもうすぐ消費期限 on Viki, without any subs. I definitely missed a few sentences here and there when they were talking business stuff. It’s mildly interesting. I suspect this is the type of show I’ll forget to finish. Then again, it’s kind of mindless so I could binge watch it.

The actor was supposed to be cast for being heartbreakingly cute, based on the plot. Not my type, but I love googling 何顔 after guessing for random actors. I felt like he was 砂糖顔 but internet denizens disagree with me and seem to think he is ソース顔 which I don’t see at all. Also several votes for ケチャップ顔 which I can maybe see. Ketchup seems like the category sugar boys get put in when they grow up.

I find the face categories fascinating :joy:


:fallen_leaf: :headphones: softlyraining’s leaf pile listens :maple_leaf: :studio_microphone:

November 2nd:

Another day of Satori Reader and Terrace House. I actually did a bit better and catching what the commentators were saying. Still relied on the subtitles, but it was easier than the last two days, so I’ll take it.

Two of the people in the house said they wanted to become actors, and I was wondering if they ever ended up acting in anything. Yuya’s last credit on his Japanese Wikipedia page is from 2020; he was part of a variety show called 踊る!さんま御殿!!. I couldn’t find any info on Taishi’s career, though it looks like he as a YouTube channel.

OMG, I literally just watched a video that talked about the food face categories in Japan! :exploding_head: The explanations weren’t great, frankly, so I still don’t fully get each one. What a strange coincidence!


When I feel like that, I set really unambitious, small goals for myself, just to keep my hand in. Like ridiculously small, ‘listened to 1 n5 listing practice of 30 seconds’ was one. I’ve just had a few days like that, it’s been pouring with rain, the nights are longer etc


Yesterday, think it was 10 or so N5 listening practices. The audio quality on the site I’m using isn’t the best. But I’ve got a new textbook with audio arriving tomorrow I think, so looking forward to thank. Getting quite used to the format of the questions and also some of the ways in which they’re looking to check your knowledge, for example with similar sounding words, who is your おばあさん・おばさん or shall I meet you on よっか or ようか that sort of thing. Really struggle with questions about directions みぎ seems to be pronounced みに a lot…


Thanks for reminding me that I don’t have to set myself such high goals. I think I’ll do just as you suggested, because with the darker days seasonal depression rears its head. Better to not overdo it.


November 3 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Two episodes of Parasyte, one level up Migaku pitch trainer. No noticeable difference in my pitch perception lately. It’s good enough, but nowhere near infallible.

What is this thing and why is it the first time I even hear about it? :eyes:

A quick search came up with images like this:

I’m so confused…


Nov 3, Thu of Week 6 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I watched half an episode of Yurucamp S2 EP.8. I felt it hard today.

I listened to 3 episodes of Learn Japanese with Noriko. 2 of them, I listened twice.

In particular, Youtube 10k talks about some other podcast’ers. Nonetheless, I listened to this one once. I feel that I chose podcast heavily based to whether I like the sound or not, like loudness and the pace. And of course, clarity. Indeed, I don’t like it too slow, but there are also other things. I need to find some male voice? (Though, I like Onomappu somewhat. SoraTheTroll is OK, but sometimes don’t like the topic.)

Other topics, probably most of them, have questions in-between, so answering is good. I am thinking of reading aloud, and inserting my answers in-between; otherwise I don’t like pausing. I have transcripts, because I subscribed to her Patreon. (Well, yesterday.)

I also like Nihongo SWiTCH’s Yamamoto Iku’s voice, so I subscribed to hers as well; although subscription isn’t needed to see the transcipts. (2 weeks ago, although I listened before that.)

I also listened to another one from Sayuri’s interviewing, where I can’t really catch, so I just gave up.

About listening improvement, I am considering some phonetics lessons. I also think that vocabulary lists, although more from reading, would help as well. Although my vocabulary list denotes various pitch accent patterns, I don’t quite hear things like 中高 or 尾高. (Although I understand there are pitch patterns vocabularies probably won’t escape, therefore more simplified notations.)

There is also Dogen’s interview linked to, so there are more interesting things than just pitch accents and some other phonetics explanations.


It’s basically a way of saying “oh he/she has this type of face” - collecting people together with similar features. Condiments seem to be only men, but animals seem to be unisex. I seem partial to ヘビ顏 for example, and I know 犬顔 and たぬき顔 are a thing.

Honestly I started to make sense of it by just going down the rabbit hole and reading people’s explanations of what each face type entailed as well as looking at attached famous people pictures as examples.

… And I still sometimes don’t quite get some of the categories :sweat_smile:


:fallen_leaf: Day 34, 3rd of November :maple_leaf:

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In today’s episode of Comprehensible Japanese, we learn how to fold Origami busses. Very cute, though I keep defaulting to reading the subtitles. Maybe when I’m feeling more brave I’ll try listening without this crutch, but for now it helps me when I recognize Kanji and can infer meaning from that.


This was pointed out to me a year or two ago; I was chatting with my conversation partner at the time, and she said that my pronunciation was good, particularly with the Japanese “g” sound. I didn’t understand what she meant by that, and she explained that Japanese learners tend to make a hard g sound, when it’s actually more of a nasally g sound. I tried saying different words out loud just now, and the best way I can explain it is to say the g sound more in your throat, if that makes sense. I can feel the sound in my mouth more if it’s a hard g, but it moves more toward my throat when I try to pronounce it like I normally do in Japanese. There’s also a sort of “stuck” feeling in my mouth, maybe like if I ate something thick and stretchy? This is hard to explain…

Hope this was helpful! :sweat_smile:


yes, very helpful, I think I know what you mean,


It’s similar to me going

just a little bit further back than T. But I need to move it further down, out of my mouth into my throat



Main post

On November the 3rd I’ve:

  • Relistened to Nihongo con Teppei for beginners episodes 001-007.

November 3rd!

Listened to 2 more of the Top 400 Activities lessons from JapanesePod101 while I was writing out my diary. I noticed that each lesson contains 20 new words and there are 10 lessons, so I’m not convinced thats going to add up to 400 by the end! :laughing:

I also watched another episode of Madoka Magica with Japanese subs. I’m trying to listen without looking at the subs, then pausing if I didn’t understand so I can read the subtitles, and then checking hidden english translation of the sub if I’m still not sure what was said.

Got to admit… there is a lot of pausing and reading happening… :sweat_smile:
But I’m understanding more than I would have a few months ago, and thats good enough for me!

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Listened to 2 chapters of 崩れる脳を抱きしめて - the plot is starting to get more interesting although I’m still not the biggest fan of the main doctor. He’s a bit annoying and if the cast were younger I’d be wondering if this were a light novel due to the characterizations :upside_down_face: Think rich, but tragic young woman and a handsome, but poor young doctor with trust issues. It’s enjoyable, but it’s not as fun as the last two books I read by this author.


:fallen_leaf: :headphones: softlyraining’s leaf pile listens :maple_leaf: :studio_microphone:

November 3rd:

In a surprising twist, I didn’t do Satori Reader today. Instead, I listened to a Real Japanese with Miku podcast episode, but I was also tidying when I listened and felt like I didn’t give it enough attention. Thus, I watched another episode of Terrace House. One of the new house members talked with another newbie about the other two female housemates. At this point in the season, there are two Americans who can speak Japanese and one Japanese person on the women’s side, and she brought up a scenario where the Americans were speaking in English to each other in the bathroom and it made her not want to go in.

It’s kind of a complicated issue, I think. On the one hand, she’s new to the house, and the other two are closer and of the same nationality; on the other, they’re the only two members who aren’t of any Japanese descent, and they’re on a Japanese show. I can see why, if they aren’t being filmed, they’d revert to using English. That being said, you don’t want to exclude anyone (not that they were doing that).

This is one of those cases where I wish the commentators delved into it a little deeper. Their big takeaway was more that she talked with one of the boys about it and he gave her a hug, rather than the content itself. I guess that’s reality TV for you, but still.


November 4 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Two episodes of Parasyte (up to episode 16), one level up Migaku pitch trainer (now level 36).
When the sentences are short and the words mostly known, I notice I tend to not even look at the subtitles. When someone speaks for longer though, or the unknown words in any given sentence increase, I’m lost again.


Hey, I did that too! cool

maybe 5 or 6 JLPT N5 listening practice questions that make me hate myself when I don’t understand them and then episodes 1-8 of Nihongoconteppi for beginners. a few minutes of accidentally listening to the intermediate version of his podcast and thinking ‘wow this is much harder than I remember’