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Last lesson will be super intensive and cover the other 200 words in one go!


Yeah, the intermediate version is harder; in fact, it’s still too hard for me. I can understand most of it (at least the few episodes that I’ve listened to), but it requires listening for several times and being very concentrated. The beginner episodes, on the other hand, I can easily understand while listening in relaxed mode :sweat_smile:


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On November the 4th I’ve:

  • Listened to today’s NHK Easy News.
  • Relistened to Nihongo con Teppei for beginners episodes 008-015.

:fallen_leaf: Day 35, 4th of November :maple_leaf:

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I watched a Onomappu video about foreigners studying in Japan.


November 4th!

I did quite a lot of listening practise today.
First I had a class with my tutor. We talked about books, and also about Marmite, and then did some grammar practise.

This evening I watched another episode of Madoka Magica with Japanese subs, and was encouraged by how many of the short sentences I could understand just by listening. (Still no chance with any longer sentences though :smile:)

Then I also listened to two lessons from the JapanesePod101 Top 400 Activities series. I’m going to re-listen to the second one I think, it was vocabulary related to working in an office so its relevant to me, and contained quite a few words I didn’t already know.

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I listened to a chapter or two more of 崩れる脳を抱きしめて. I suddenly got a wall of medical terms when the MC doctor was reading a patients file, and I think I got the gist but I definitely missed some words. There was also a scene where a patient went into critical condition, the doctor was trying to revive her, and then the nurse was all ‘STOP SHE’S DNR’ so decent amount of fast medical speech in that too. That one was actually not to tricky to follow along though, much was obvious from context.
Also I’d have to check but I’m pretty sure the guy voicing the 院長 here is the same person who voiced the 院長 for 仮面病棟 so that’s fun. I wonder if they’ll end up being similar character types :thinking:

Out of curiosity how was the hug treated / received? I (woman) have received hugs from Japanese women, but American culture on hugging across gender and Japanese culture on the same are very different.


November 5 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Episode 17 of Parasyte, level 37 in Migaku. I’ve been having only a couple mistakes per 30-card session (it takes several sessions to go up a level), yet in one session I had 8 mistakes, which seems like an awful lot all of a sudden. I really don’t get how I usually can hear pitch accent quite clearly, then at times get it completely and utterly wrong.

I also listened to the Audible sample for the current Mystery Club’s pick, 体育館の殺人, as so many people seem to be listening to the audiobook instead of reading. Honestly, I just confirmed there’s no way I could do it, not yet at least. I understand most of the words, but they don’t form into a coherent whole fast enough. No way I could follow the plot closely enough like this. I’m not even sure I’m at least getting a little better over time. Hopefully I am, and I’m just not noticing it.


I could use some help over here, if anyone has a spare moment! :sweat_smile:


Took Teppi on my morning dog walk with me, it’s about a 15-20min walk so that must be 3, 4 episodes? Did a handful of N5 listening drills on not great audio site.
Quite enjoying Teppi at the moment, feels like everytime I re-listen to an episode I understand a little more. Also refreshing to listen to something thats not someone asking the way to the cafe next to the library or how many members are in your family.


Nov 5, Sat of Week 6 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Yesterday, I watched one and the latter half of episodes of Yurucamp S2 EP.8-9. Difficulty depends on mood. Nonetheless, not only storyline, but also how-to-camp wants to be understood.

Today, I watched one episode of Yurucamp S2. Two more to go.

Noriko is notified on Patreon, so I listened to an extra episode (6 min). Indeed, I am little interested in teacher’s personal life.

Patreon Android app is different from the website, and is quite convenient.

There are also Yamamoto Iku’s, but buried inside lots of Noriko’s.

Although I can understand, I got lost very easily when I got distracted. (So I borderline failed.) The attached transcript (PDF on Patreon) can help a lot, in particular with vocabularies; though listening and looking up is possible too, with much more effort.


Can I just say, in case anyone is wondering “does anyone read my diary entries?”, yes I’m reading and enjoying them a lot :nerd_face:


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On November the 5th I’ve:

  • Relistened to Nihongo con Teppei for beginners episodes 016-038.

November 5th:

As I wanted to finish Made in Abyss fast, I switched back to subtitles for longer conversations later on.
So, as I was too lazy to look for new resources, I got back to watching the Persona 4 gameplay.

While it is fun, it is mostly reactions. If there are conversations, I tend to read the text boxes instead of listening to what is being said.
So after deciding to stop watching for now, I switched to one of the recommendations of the Summer Edtion Thread the Comprehensible Japanese YouTube Channel.
I watched about 15 min of a random intermediate video of that channel.
So far it seems to be at the right difficulty level. So it exactly at the level were I understand most of it, but there are still many words and phrases I don’t catch or understand.

Though compared to what I have seen of Japanese YouTube they seem to be talking rather slow for what I would think would be “intermediate”. Not that it is bothering me, because I probably couldn’t understand it, if they were to talk any faster :sweat_smile:.

I’ll put it on my go to pile for now.


November 5th!

I watched two episodes of Madoka Magica today. I only have two more left now so I need to start thinking about what to watch next!

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I listened to half an hour or so of 崩れる脳を抱きしめて this morning. I’m desperately trying to hit all my daily ‘tasks’ before bed, I’m so tired :melting_face:


Teppi came round the supermarket with me yesterday morning, I wonder what I forgot to buy. I have really enjoyed relistening to the episodes as I feel I pick on more of his chat that bookends the main topic.
Also started on my new JLPT choukai book and accompanying material. I was a bit sceptical that a book on listening would be any good, but it does have some good tips in there along with lists of vocab that come up.


Nov 6, Sun of Week 6 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I watched half episodes of Yurucamp S2 EP.11. Not all the way, probably because of discomfort, as well as being busy, today.

I also listened to two episodes of Akane’s 日本語の聴解のためのPodcast on Podbean. I like how episodes are structured, and Akane says quite slowly, but not too boring. Vocabulary of the day is 一夜漬け; but vocabularies are also summarized at the end of each episode.


:fallen_leaf: Day 37, 6th of November :maple_leaf:

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Episode 4 of あかがみんクラフトclassic, this time everyone was out collecting animals. I didn’t want to concetrate too much on listening because I’ve been doing grammar the whole day.

I know that right now, my listening comprehension is too low to really understand any sort of audio without help/subtitles, so it sometimes feels like this exercise is futile. I even thought about not doing any further challenges of this kind. But I know from my past language acquisition phases that I need a huge amount of input until I start to notice any benefit. So for now I won’t worry about whether the input is appropiate for my level, as long as it’s consumed.


November 6th!

I relistened to the Top 400 Activities lesson from JapanesePod101 that I listened to yesterday to try to familiarise myself with the vocabulary it was teaching since it seemed useful.
I also listened to the next lesson which was about health and diet. I might relisten to this one too since it contained some words which seem like they could be useful to know like 炭水化物 (carbohydrate) and 新陳代謝 (metabolism).

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November 6 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Level 38 in Migaku. And episodes 18-21 of Parasyte. You wouldn’t think it by the number of episodes I watched, but it’s started to bore me. I’ll still finish it, as there’s only 3 more episodes till the end, I think. And I honestly have no idea what else to watch.