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October 28th!

Today I had a lesson with my tutor. We talked about weddings and then practised various phrases that use 気 like 気をつける、気がつく、気に入る etc.

I also listened to an episode of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners - it was about dictionaries.

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October 28th:

Not in a great mood today, to be honest. I watched the first episode of Vampire in the Garden, an anime miniseries I found on Netflix. I could, in general, tell you what happened during the episode. However, I don’t think I understood even half of what was being said. I just feel frustrated. Maybe I’d have done better with Japanese subtitles on (I decided to try watching without any), but that kind of tells me that my listening is still weaker than I want it to be. I might do Satori Reader later just to make myself feel better, but right now…I don’t know.

Here’s a trailer for those interested:


Oct 29, Sat of Week 5 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

Today, I listened to a music video, with simplified Chinese sub (which I can’t read) and JP sub (which some simplified Chinese variants sneaked in). Nonetheless, the scene is in Japanese.

Then, I watched this one from 日本語の森. Sensei is as cute as ever. I listened fine without sub, but there is a hideable sub / transcript (not auto-generated), nonetheless. Chat Replay has to be manually clicked to show.

This is another song mentioned in the clip.

I also watched another 日本語の森 song introduction clip – 猫 / DISH//【日本の歌で日本語を勉強しよう #04】 - YouTube

Yesterday, perhaps I watched 2 episodes of HUNTER x HUNTER, and 1 old episode of Death Note; but I cleaned the generated sub further, and then got me curious about MC('s injury)… so I peeked from every episodes to last episode (EP.92 of 1999 adaptation of HUNTER x HUNTER). Then, I looked at the manga, just-at-the-end equivalent, and then some 15 volumes later.


Again, not much done yesterday, the powers of avoidance were strong. Found a resource mentioned on another thread for JLPT N5 practice audio. Quality is quite poor and uses some vocab that isn’t any I learnt, armpit for example! But I’ve listened to my n5 stuff.


Something I constantly struggle with is hearing times. (I guess only important at the moment for N5 test)
Does anyone know of any resources similar to this one for numbers: Japanese practice numbers


Today I practiced with SuperNative again which is fun. I can’t understand and fill in anything besides です and か but I really enjoy the exercise. I feel like I am improving in writing and reading. Sometimes I even recognize some Kanji.


:fallen_leaf: Day 29, 29th of October :maple_leaf:

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More Supernative. I admit I really rushed it so I could go back to reading Kiki. :smile:
But I’ll definitely keep at it, because I get really frustrated with my listening comprehension. When I think I really nailed every syllable, the transcription comes along and shows I basically missed half of it. So now I’m gonna spite-study so even the mumbliest of mumbling actors can’t faze me!


October 29th!

Today I watched an episode of Madoka Magica with Japanese Subs and also watched the final video in JapanesePod101s 800 Core Words series.
I need to find something similar to replace it, since its been really handy to have on in the background to half listen to while I’m writing my diary.

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October 29 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Some Migaku (level 30 → 31) and two episodes of Parasyte. Still fun (loved the difference in speech between the parasite that kearned ftom books and the one that learned from TV), but I’m not sure I’m liking the direction it’s taking ( the main character turning from a timid kid to some kind of superhero). I’ll give it a couple more episodes in any case, see how it goes.


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On October the 29th I’ve listened to:

  • Nihongo con Teppei for beginners episodes 670-672.

October 30 :film_strip::chart_with_upwards_trend:

Up one more level of Migaku (still no perfect run) and two episodes of Parasyte. It’s definitely changed in tone (it’s another “chapter” of the story after all) but it’s still keeping my interest, so I’ll continue watching. Ended on another cliffhanger too…


Hmm struggling to remember!
I did some JLPT N5 exercises from a site and then practiced listening to numbers on another site.
Wasn’t an ideal day tbh.


Just checking, there’s not transcripts for Nihongoconteppi is there?


October 30th!

I had a class with my tutor today, so lots of listening practise. We talked about Halloween and about souvenirs and then practised using 「おかげで」and「せいで」.

I also listened to an episode of Nihongo con Teppei for Beginners, but I got a bit distracted so I’ll probably listen to the same one again tomorrow!

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:fallen_leaf: Day 30, 30th of October :maple_leaf:

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Supernative again, this time with many, many mistakes. /: I guess I shouldn’t do this so late in the day, I’m pretty tired (and I did a lot of reading so my head hurts a bit…) BUT it was fun because a lot of the clips come from the same series and you can imagine what the connection between them is or the story so far.


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On October the 30th I’ve listened to:


Tonight I descended into the strange, fathomless abyss of YouTube, where those old, extremely obscure OVAs dwell.

There was no subtitles, it was uploaded yonks ago and there was a only handful of comments from like seven years ago (most in Japanese), so you know whatever it is that you’re going to watch is going to be pretty weird.

The audio was of terrible quality, but I still could understand some. But not enough to understand fully what was going on. To be fair though, the story was pretty whack, so I think I’d get lost even if it was in English, some of the cuts seemed to make no sense. It was about yurei and onmyodo and all that fun stuff, and there was a weirdly high proportion of scenes where blood would just splurt from somewhere.

It’s some listening at least, I keep meaning to get back on the listening train, but… I have no excuse really


Updated the read every day thread about not having a lot of energy this week but I thought I should update this one a bit. I’ve been listening to YUYU lately and I’m really enjoying it, I find his character fun to listen to and he seems to have a lot of stories from both his time in Mexico and in Japan. The level is super comfortable so I could listen to it with virtually no strain.

I got a Bluetooth speaker for my birthday, I had been meaning to get one for some time but never really thought about it much. A couple days prior to my birthday I thought: actually it would be super nice if I could listen to podcasts in the shower, or doing the dishes, or cleaning, without having to worry about accidentally dropping and damaging my wireless earbuds. So I got that as a gift :smile: and I’ve been loving using it, actually! The little thing has surprisingly good audio quality and resists water perfectly fine (to a certain limit) so I don’t have to worry about it at all.

So that’s how I plan to get a little bit more listening everyday, or just generally.


Oct 31, Mon of Week 6 of Fall 2022 :maple_leaf:

I am done with HUNTER x HUNTER (1999) (including OVA up to EP.92). I stuttered a little just before EP.91, before I didn’t clean generated JP sub for EP.91-92 in advance, and EP.91 was badly generated.

  • First ten minutes, the AI sees nothing but SFX. Also, repeated 0-second segments.
  • Made an audio segment, and regenerated with medium model (normally I use large model) => can be generated, but wrong names are also generated. (In brackets, like (name) speech)
  • So, regenerated with large model.
  • I might not have mentioned before, but ご視聴ありがとうございます。 is sometimes generated just at the end of (any previous) clips as well.

I also have started trying to memorize pitch accent patterns, so I added reading mnemonics in WaniKani, if I guessed the audio wrong (so, as far as I can hear). I see that it would be best if I try to recall conjugations and contexts as well. I can see this being harder to do properly with audio flashcards; but can only be done well with audio on the back side.

For more common and easier vocabularies, I would repeat via vocabularies in boldface in Tobira textbook, and try to re-learn if I guessed wrong (by ears, also).

Today, I also watched Tate-yuusha EP.5 on Netflix, but has JP sub, because of VPN. Also complemented with Subadub, because I can easily use Yomichan. Then, I am back to Language Reactor, so that I don’t have to rewind to hover said words. I wonder if I should re-watch older episodes as well?

So, I saw アースホール; but well, Sora already mentioned before somewhat. But yeah, I was tired of this guy’s joke a while ago. It’s OK once in a while, though.

Sora also has a live YouTube for Halloween night in Japan just a while ago.

I also watched Yurucamp S2 EP.4 just now. I don’t give up this series yet, and a new manga volume is coming soon…


A few N5 listening questions and a bit of listening to numbers practice. Was quite a challenging day on the family front.