List of working userscripts post-framework update?

Hi all,

I’m coming back to Wanikani after a several month absence. Is there anywhere that has a list/links to updated userscripts that are working after the summer’s framework update/switch over thing/whatever it was called? Most urgent for me is the “ignore/mark correct” script… I am fumble fingers and my typos are already annoying me in my quest to please the Crabigator :rofl:

Sorry to bother, I did try to search first but sometimes I am blind…

(edit: typo, lol)

You’ll probably want Double Check for typos.

I don’t know which lists are currently maintained, but the list on the [Open Framework] thread contains a lot of working scripts.

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I don’t think that anyone has gone through the regular list to check which still work, and I think your list is probably missing a lot of the new scripts using WKOF since it’s pretty standard now

The pinned list is probably the most extensive and pretty well maintained (or so I think…) so most of them should work. And if you run into one that doesn’t work, it’s worth noting in a reply so the person can either fix it or remove it from that list.

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