List of readings without the kanji

Does anyone have a list of all the WaniKani kanji readings without the kanji themselves? I want to test myself on my writing ability.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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Im not sure about where the readings can be found, but if you go to their other side ‘kaniwani’ they basically flipped it, so you get the english translation, and then you have to write the kanji/reading. I practice recalling the kanji with this site :slight_smile:
Hope that helps

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Thanks so much for the responses.
I’m looking for something a little bit different though. Even if it’s just a list or a spreadsheet where I can delete or white out the kanji, therefore just looking at the readings and the English.
If anyone happens to have written them all down in some kind of document format, I’d be very grateful if you could share this with me.

How about [Userscript] Self-Study - Quiz Edition (NEW: Listening Quiz)?

For the spreadsheet: Dropbox - WaniKani-Kanji.tsv - Simplify your life

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