List of JPDB Prebuilt Decks

As it is not yet possible to add JPDB links to Natively (crossing fingers that this will be a feature one day, vote for it here) and as it can be pretty hard to search JPDB, I am starting this thread to write down links to JPDB decks that I have found.
And as this is a community, this post is also a wiki, so feel free to add any decks you have found :slight_smile:

Author BC? JP Title Natively JPDB
かさい まり / こぐまのクーク物語 春と夏 19 link
一条 岬 / 今夜、世界からこの恋が消えても 29 link
住野 よる NBC また、同じ夢を見ていた 25 link
住野 よる / 君の膵臓をたべたい / link
吉本 ばなな IBC つぐみ 32 link
川口俊和 IBC コーヒーが冷めないうちに 27 link
川村 元気 BC 世界から猫が消えたなら 28 link
川端 康成 ABC 雪国 46 link
廣嶋 玲子 BBC ふしぎ駄菓子屋銭天堂 24 link
新海 誠 / すずめの戸締り 31 link
新海 誠 IBC 君の名は 29 link
時雨沢 恵一 IBC キノの旅 29 link
村上 春樹 / 1Q84 35 link
村上 春樹 ABC アンダーグラウンド 33 link
村田 沙耶香 IBC 地球星人 31 link
東野 圭吾 ABC 容疑者Xの献身 32 link
梨木 香歩 / 西の魔女が死んだ 27 link
椰月 美智子 / 消えてなくなっても / link
湊 かなえ NBC 告白 34 link
竹宮 ゆゆこ / とらドラ! 32 link
筒井 康隆 BBC 時をかける少女 24 link
金原 ひとみ ABC 蛇にピアス 30 link
顎木 あくみ / わたしの幸せな結婚 30 link
/ JLPT tests / link

Thanks for making this, I was just thinking about how ridiculous Jpdb’s deck searching feature is. I added a couple decks, some of them have Natively book clubs so I hope it’s okay to link those.

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Ah I didn’t even think about that! Great idea! And thanks for adding stuff!

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Hmm, what’s hard about finding the decks? :thinking: At least I’ve always found everything pretty quick.

Probably noob questions, do you use this decks to study the vocabulary before reading the book?

To pick one obvious example, there’s no way to search by author: I know for instance that there are several books by 赤川次郎 on there, but the only way I found them was by paging through the entire list of novels.

Nor is there any kind of “discovery” beyond “look through the whole list” or “look at the changelog for new additions” (speaking of which, there haven’t been any new additions since last June): no “people who added deck X also added these decks”, no rating of books, no “these are in the same genre”, or any other way to find books it might be worth reading because they have a deck. (This would matter a lot less if jpdb’s coverage was better and you could start with the book and confidently expect to find the deck by searching by title; but the limited selection means you almost always want to start with “find some book I might like that has a deck”.)

I resorted to doing a scan through the whole list bookmarking all the books that looked vaguely like I might possibly want to read them someday.


Fair enough. My use case has always been “Do they have this book?” so it’s been sufficient for me :smiley:.

I don’t really see jpdb as a discovery site; or wouldn’t really start a book just because it has a deck there I guess? It does have the “similar difficulty books”, though, given it’s features are probably built around difficulty level. You could say it’s just a DataBase :smirk:.

Oh, and there is a changelog, although it’s a bit of a mess with everything:

I’ve asked for the export API for lists years and it’s still hidden somewhere; I’ve basically given up.


Isn’t the whole idea that you learn vocab based on the books you’re going to read, though? If you don’t read at least some books with decks then I feel like it kind of degenerates into a generic SRS that’s probably worse than Anki.

There are many ways to do it. I have tried the of learning before but I disliked it. Like you can sort by frequency and learn the most frequent word ahead. But sometimes people have one conversation about let’s say a crane for many pages, and that’s how you end up learning crane ahead of time. I prefer to add the words I have read after the fact and just have them in my review queues.


Although I haven’t decided yet whether to integrate SRS, my site Manga Kotoba helps fill the manga gap with frequency lists.


Which books by 赤川次郎 are on jpdb?

I couldn’t find any when I looked because I didn’t have the patience to read through the entire list of novels searching for them.

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Maybe we should add an author column :thinking:

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At least these:

There might be a few others, because I didn’t bookmark decks for books I’d already read.


Found and added the deck for 蛇にピアス to the list, which will be the next pick of the ABC :slight_smile:


Added アンダーグラウンド by 村上 春樹 to the list, next next ABC pick :slight_smile:
I’ll add that author column soon!


Updated the table! Changed:

  • added an Author column and sorted by Author
  • changed all the JPDB links to be called [link] so that the table looks less crowded