Lingodeer experiences

I am taking my very first little baby steps in my Japanese journey! At this point, I am mostly just exploring resources and trying to figure out what will be a good fit for me.

Many of my friends spoke very highly of Lingodeer. I’ve done the free stuff and liked it, but I didn’t really feel like it gave me enough exposure to get a feel for the app.

So, Lingodeer users! What do you like and dislike? Did you think it’s a good value?

Thank you, I am very new and very intimidated.

Good value? Absolutely. The explanations are clear.

There is also a leader board thread you can search for if you’re competitive.


I really liked it when I was first learning and it helped me feel like learning Japanese was achievable.
I was taking classes at the same time, and it was helpful for reviewing the grammar we’d covered in the textbook at a point when pretty much all other resources felt out of my league, but I never used it as my solo learning aid.

However after 6 months or so I felt like it was becoming a bit too easier for me to guess what the app wanted without actually knowing the grammar point in question. I also felt that the vocabulary it used was, by necessity, limited as they can’t throw too many new words at you at once.

So my advice would be that if you have enjoyed the free content, subscribe for a limited amount of time but expect to leave it behind after a while.

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Great for my purposes at the time - quick introduction to basic grammar (N5-N4) without going too deep/complex. Do a short subscription because it’s pretty fast even if you only do a lesson a day.

It introduces kanji right away, so it does feel like you’re being dropped off in the middle without knowing how to swim, but you learn to float. It was tough since I started it the same time as WK, knowing only kana.

Probably the one thing it can improve on is to actually have SRS/review capabilities, even kind of like how Duolingo lessons “break” when you haven’t reviewed them in a while. With Lingodeer you’d have to manually initiate a review, have to pick which ones you want to review on, without knowing where you need improvement.

If they had a review/SRS feature I’d have used it much longer. But otherwise the quality of the content and explanations are really good. Quantity of material is decent, too.

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It’s structured but lacks examples for sentence composition.

I think a lot of people use it for grammar study only. It doesn’t have SRS, so if you are looking for a grammar app with SRS, you can use BunPro instead. For a cheaper alternative, you can use HeyJapan if you don’t mind the robot voice.

Use DuoLingo, iKnow, and Migii apps for sentence composition training. I found that I like iKnow and DuoLingo more to practice constructing sentences.

I used it for awhile. It’s far better than say Duolingo. But I found it to assume I knew things I didn’t and having to spell out entire sentences drove me insane. I don’t use it anymore.

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