Is LingoDeer good to learn Japanese grammar?

Before getting into the topic I wanted to say hello, it’s been months since I’ve last used WaniKani, I was at level 8 but while I was overwhelmed with tests at school I ended up with 800 reviews piled up… I tried to lower them because I didn’t want to reset but I lost motivation… In the end, I gave in and reset it ^^‘’

Anyway, I’ve been using LingoDeer to learn Korean and I find it very helpful, especially for beginners, but I’m not a beginner when it comes to Japanese and while Korean writing is easy, Japanese is a little more complicated, it might be good at the beginning but I don’t want to spend a lot of time on it to end up with confusion about advanced grammar. So, have any of you been trying LingoDeer for a long time? (for Japanese of course) Would you recommend it as a main grammar learning resource? I hope so because it’s such a cute app, the deer telling me “It’s time to learn Korean!” at a certain time every day motivates me, how can you ignore a cute deer. lol

I’ve personally never used it (I recommend Bunpro though - but it probably depends on your grammar level).

However, there’s another thread on this topic if you’d like to find out what people think: LingoDeer App Japanese (SRS/grammar)

Thank you, I checked out both the thread and Bunpro, from the introduction it looks like WaniKani for grammar, I hope it’s just as efficient, I’ll try it out ^^

Keep in mind that Bunpro will begin charging $5/month on May 10. Don’t get sucked in while it’s free if you aren’t willing to pay later.

I’ve been using LingoDeer for some time, and it’s really great for beginners. I wouldn’t use it as a main source for grammar though. But it’s something to start with!
Oh and I agree, the deer is super cute!


Oh I see, thanks for warning me, I’ll see if it’s worth pay for, since I’m not exactly rich (I’m still a high school student)

I kinda expected it to be for beginners, maybe I’ll use it just to review the basics

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I think LingoDeer gives you a really good basis in Japanese. I would say the ultimate Japanese learning order is:
Learn Hiragana and Katakana with Tofugu and use a workbook to enforce it
WaniKani for vocab and kanji, and a reliable comprehensive grammar course

It’s worth it if you’re N5/N4. I don’t think there’s currently anything in Lingodeer that’s beyond N4. I wrote to them about 2 weeks ago asking if they’d be putting up any new more advanced lessons. They told me that in about 3 months or so there’d be more Japanese content available.

I think it’s a great app.

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