Lifetime Subscription Winter Sale

Hey guys, I’ve been holding out on buying the lifetime subscription until the winter sale came.

I saw it was showing up for me earlier, but I was busy and couldn’t buy it right then and there.
I came back right now to purchase it and it’s no longer there.

Will it show up again?

If not, I’m fine just getting the yearly for now.



I think they opened a temporary thread to test out a new sales page for the lifetime discount but it will not be available until the 16th :slight_smile:


Thank you!

Didn’t see that thread, just read it now.


No problem! I was confused too and had to check my emails


I still haven’t received an email about the winter sale and I do have marketing emails turned on.
:pleading_face: :pleading_face: :pleading_face:
I want it…

Similar to last year I believe a thread will be made in the #wanikani:announcements to officially confirm the sale. It should be today. Patience is the key.


I thought it was tomorrow, unless by “today” you mean midnight.

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Maybe they are in a different time zone, where it’s already December 16th?

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Here in Japan it is December 16th already.

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Interested as well. But nothing so far.

Should be live in a half hour or so. Tofugu HQ is in PST.

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Does anyone know until when the sale will be active?

This was taken from this thread:

Hope this helps! :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks! Just got the lifetime subscription!


good luck!

keep chugging along with your lessons and reviews!


just got lifetime.
i’m scared…but ready.


did you change it from annual/monthly to lifetime? if so, may I know the exact procedure you used and the questions/ verification details you received from your bank card or the bank website?

Yes, I changed from monthly. Since I had my credit card information in file, all I had was go to the subscription page and change my selection to lifetime and click submit. I got a charge on my credit card with the following description. There was no other questions/verification.

Will appear on your Jan 20, 2021 statement as WANIKANI JAPANESE LAPORTLAND OR

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