WaniKani 2024 sale?

Does anyone know if there will be an end of the year sale this month? I’m still a free member (level 3) and want to know if it would be a good idea to get the one months subscription and then upgrade to lifetime (with a slight discount for the remaining one month time) when the sale goes live? When do they tend to announce the sale?


I don’t know for sure certain there will be, but I would be astonished if there weren’t. Sale usually starts somewhere around the 20th, give or take a few days.


They don’t update the site, but they still do this sale regardless of the minimal effort they put into upkeep. Koichi thanks you for the passive income.

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I did the same thing last year and bought wani kani on sale, happy i bought the lifetime because i have been learning off and on

The sale starts on the 20th

Yeah, the thing on December 12th was just a check to make sure everything’s working.

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Thanks for this! I saw the Dec 12th thing and thought I missed it.