Level up mails

I very much enjoy getting those mails, when I reach a new level.

But for some reason I get the mail for the previous level and not the level, I just reached.
So today I reached level 10, but got the mail for level 9.

What is up with that? Is that normal?

It’s a bug or whatever you call it. Unsubscribe to the mailing list and subscribe again. It will fix it :ok_hand:

the typical have you tried turning it off and on?


Great. I’ll try that.


Okay. I tried that and reached the next level. But now I didn’t get any mail. :frowning:
I turned on Receive WaniKani Related Emails in the profile or do I have to subscribe to another mailing list?

Yes that’s the one.
It may not work the first time around, but if it works you should get the email within 5 minutes.
If you do not, turn off again, wait a bit, then turn on again.
Some people have mentioned needing 2 or 3 tries before they got their email…

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