Level taking less than 1 week

Hey everyone!

I just realised that level 43 and 44 can both be finished in ~3 days, instead of the strict ~6-7 days completion time I was used to.
Can all levels after level 43 be finished in 3 days? Or most of them? Just a couple?



Fast levels are: 43-44, 46-47 and 49-60


And of course levels 1 and 2, but not for the same reason.


Great, thank you!

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Oh, did they change the fast levels around?
This is jprsepeira’s durations from his guide:

e.g. lvl 26 is a fast one there.

I’m calculating the total estimated time of WK, and more so where halftime for WK time-wise is (independent of speed), which is level 27.75 if i calculated correctly (because more fast levels later), so this is relevant to me ^^

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Yes, that graph is obsolete now, and it says so in the guide.


Yeah, JP got to 60 before they changed some things. Those are the correct fast levels now. ^^


dang, reading is hard. it’s been a while since i read the guide ^^
thanks everyone!


I’m honestly so happy the last levels are fast, I thought I was going to be done in 4 months, turns out less than 2!


And may you survive the experience :wink:


Ugh. I did not enjoy myself during the fast levels. That was a lot of lessons every day.


Level 45 now has 35 kanji and 3 radicals, the same ratio as 44 & 43, wouldn’t that make it a fast level now?

48 has 3 radicals and 37 kanji so it’s short now?
49 has 3 radicals and 34 kanji, so it’s long?

Literally question marks because I’m too lazy to do the math. I just know that at 44 with 35 kanji and 3 radicals it takes 32 kanji at guru to level up. ha ha

As someone who can’t handle more than 10 lessons a day, I’d die trying to clear a level in a week, let alone less than that.


it is not by ratio of radicals/kanji.
the criteria is “kanji of first wave” 10 (EDIT: actually, 9) times greater than “kanji of second wave” (EDIT: that is, first wave of kanji should be at least 90% of all kanji of that level.)

this is not true for level 45, where it is 31 and 4; and for 48, with 33 and 4 respectively.


As I’m a computer science student I’m extremely grateful to have quite a lot of free time outside my studies and am therefore able to dedicate ~3-4 hours a day on japanese.
I still work part-time and have to slow down quite a bit during finals, but other than that extra work is no problem for me :books:


Thank you! I knew I was missing something that should have been obvious. I usually do when it comes to WK (that’s why you folks are great). That makes a lot more sense…

unnecessary side note

Ahh, the timing though! I’m just a bit sad my next level is long since I am more free this week! I was so hoping level 45 had been updated randomly. The timing for a fast level would have been perfect!! :upside_down_face:! oh well, heh

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