Level not in sync between forum and wk

Hi, I leveled up a few days ago. Still havent gotten an email and the forum still show the last level. Is this just a normal delay or are there some known temporary troubles with the apis? Do anyone know?

To have the forums reflect your level change, you need to sign out of the forums & sign back in after you have leveled up on WK. I’m not too sure about the e-mails, though–perhaps you need to look at the subscription settings or resubscribe again.


To be clear you could also just wait and let it change on its own

They have been having issues with their email service for the past year, I believe. This should work, though.


Thanks for clearing that up :slight_smile:

I recently had the level up mails not sent for days.

What always works is disabling and enabling WK mails in your account.

you’ll get the level up mail in 20 seconds or so.

And for your forum level badge, logging out and in to forums, as said.

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I had both those issues too :sweat_smile: So this was a good thread and good advice for me too :blush:

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You have to sign out and sign back in. I remember that happening to me.

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