WaniKani level-appropriate stories?

I’m really enjoying my time with Wanikani so far, but as I’m breaking past 300 kanji and 800-900 vocab, I’m finding my biggest issue is that I’m not really organically absorbing a lot of what I learn at this point. What I’m really missing at this point is seeing the new kanji and words in context, which… seems easier said than done at this point.

While I probably have enough knowledge to stumble my way through some children’s books (or equivalent level literature) now, that’s not what I’m looking for, since I don’t really need reinforcement on the easier/more common examples that I’ve encountered so far, but the harder/more obscure words that wani teaches due to the simple radical composition suiting the course.

Is there any sort of resource of short stories or other media that’s been made to complement specific WK levels? The context sentences leave a lot to be desired since A) there’s only a couple of them, and B) they often use kanji/words you haven’t even encountered yet, so they’re often unreadable unless you’re willing to put in the extra research time for the sentence. I unfortunately don’t have as much free time as I’d like to devote to learning the language, so I’m hoping there’s some accessible stuff out there which can really help consolidate what I’ve been learning so far.


The only thing I can think of is Satori Reader. In it you can configure your Wanikani level to show Kanji approprate to your level. Everything else is in Kana.

Maybe it would also benefit you to pause/reduce Wanikani for a bit and concentrate on reading and advancing with a Textbook in the short amount of study time you have. Only doing wanikani in isolation is probably not as effective as focusing on these aspects a little more for now. When you are more confidence in your reading ability the consolidation/review of wanikani should ultimately come from native material later on.


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