Level 8 and levelling up issues with gurued Kanji

I’ve just “gurued” the kanji 話 and 君. Which means that my level 8 progress bar should display 24 of 29 kanji passed. But instead it still shows 22 of 29 passed.

Despite passing the above mentioned kanji to the guru stage no new vocabulary has been unlocked either.

Have Wani Kani made levelling up slower, harder and very frustrating? The same thing happened with other kanji, which I’ve gurured.

Have you guru’d them previously but then dropped them back to apprentice?


No I always got them right?

Are you 100% sure you didn’t just guru the vocab for each of those…


Well, the 話 vocab is level 10…

Are you using the website or an unofficial app?

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Can you post pics?

As Kazzeon suggested on posting pictures, can we see your current Kanji progress bars under each Kanji on WaniKani and current SRS (filtered to only Kanji) on wkstats website? It would help us!

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